I have a secret hobby…

No one knows I like to eat lunch at the Hospital. They have a salad bar and their menu options change daily. The best part is the food is the most reasonably priced compared to every where else in my small town. I love going there because I get to see the elderly people from the community. I get this: “I just visited Grandpa and Grandma” feeling when I leave. My grand parents aren’t alive anymore but I can still get that wholesome goodness feeling.

Today I ate lunch next to a 70 something year old women *name omitted* who has 13 great grandchildren. She volunteers at the hospital and last year she worked over 400 hours. Her husband is an electrician who hired female apprentices. She thinks it’s cool I work in a male dominated industry (Technology)  She told me how she drank a Margarita in Milwaukee and ran her bicycle into a parked car near Lake Michigan when she was younger. She also push mows her lawn and her new neighbor wanted to buy a riding lawn mower but felt if she could do it, he could do it. I guess he doesn’t want to look like the neighborhood douche bag in comparison.

I practiced self care by painting my finger nails last night and I accidentally stumbled upon an awesome life hack. Liquid bandage. It’s like super glue but doesn’t dry as quick. I applied a coat on my nails before adding a clear nail hardening base coat and now I feel like I don’t have to go to the nail salon and get my nails done with gel to keep them from breaking. I don’t know what I was thinking, I painted my nails white and a chunky Pepto-Bismol pink color over that and my nails look horrible. I need to stop falling asleep right after painting my nails because I seem to smudge them every time. I will try the following tips that will help my nails not look so ugly next time:

  1. Rub Vaseline on the sides of my fingers to keep nail polish from sticking
  2. Use Elmer’s glue on the sides of my fingers to keep the nail polish from sticking
  3. Touch up the skin near my nails with nail polish remover like they do in the salon
  4. Wait it out like usual and in two days have the manicure of my dreams when the paint finally flakes off

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May 8, 2018

I love youur secret hobby.  I love eating in hospital cafeterias, too.  They give me warm fuzzies because I have spent so much time at hospitals my whole life.  First for my parents when I was little, then myself and my own children.  Only I have a weird love for salsbury steak and instant mashed potatoes, and became sad when I realized that it stopped being a staple in hospitals.  Thank the good Lord for Michaela brand frozen meals….I can’t do my nails worth shit either, but am going to try it with your tips and see what happens. Also let my son know.  He has just started doing his and will appreciate it also.

May 8, 2018

I do the same thing sometimes, they have pretty good food here!

May 8, 2018

That is an awesome secret hobby!

If I worked closer to the hospital, I might do the same thing. I felt like I was ordering room service after I had both of my kids. I was actually a little sad we were stopping at two because no more awesome hospital food in the foreseeable future.