Duality as Christic Emanation

I have been contemplating the matter of Duality and Non-Duality.
Did you know that the Absolute is Relative? As a matter of interesting fact, when I heard this truth, everything came to peace. There was no need to boggle on it further, as I felt the swift switch between the Two States as a Paradox Mechanism that unlocks unlimited power.
Therefore, Duality is not to be seen as mirroring reactions of peace and of disdain.
It is two emanations that can be combined. Black is also the unmanifested causational force, it could depict a destructive principle. The Flame Imperishable nests there, and the Noise cannot touch it.

When people fight against each other, they simply create fuss and noise. It is not really duality, it’s a simple Ego trip.

Duality, understood as per the concept “As above, so below”, means that higher realms are connected to the lower realms, and vice versa. Everything is connected and influences one another. You cannot pretend you are outside of God’s Law. You cannot ignore the Source forever.

Therefore, to me, “As above, so Below” depicts that our deeds reflect the entire ecosystem; there is no bliss in the higher realms that are doing even the impossible to protect us and minimalise the damage of our destructive patterns to the entire Universe’s matrix. Therefore, our concept of “As above, so Below” that comprises “Heaven vs. Hell”, “Me vs You”, “Evil and Good feed each other” is not really correct.

We fragmented ourselves to explore the unknown, We entered the state of ignorant chaos to learn and better ourselves, to gain experience and become wiser and stronger spirits that adopt a point of view empirically.

God’s breath.. He exhales and inhales and the pulse of this movement is All that There is. We launch on a mission to create new aspects of abundance and to collect experienced forms of creation and immagination… Then we go back home to the Source, inhaled, and we enjoy the fruit of our efforts. And since our current experience is so intense, it will surely be a plentiful harvest.

To me it is pointless to stick to the view that the Day vs Night, Evil vs Good are the sources that maintain each other. Yes, cyclic nature does keep the world going as it is but God is a spiral, and it is absolutely not natural forces that replace the concept of God’s Love, Mercy and Perfection, as well as the adamantine blueprint we carry inside.

People that believe it is all about the fight between Above and Below, Good and Evil, get stuck in karmic repetition and slow down their pace, probably a bit behind for they are missing the point. One needs to find the Alpha Balance within and accept every single occurrence as it is either a test of our loyalty, reactions and strength before being handed over really serious responsabilities, or karmic lesson / release, or experience that we had agreed to go through beforehand, as we knew this planet was left behind and needed help desperately.

We are here on a mission: individual and global. We need to resolve the stuck patterns, discover the meaning of life which is the silence behind serious understanding of Sabbaoth’s immortal blessing, and contribute to the common global mission. Without pressure of course.

Forced action is useless and leads to worse results.

Premature knowledge is dangerous for people will twist it and either misuse it, or direct it for selfish gains, or just get more confused.

Just as some astral travellers that simply go outside of their body without a clue, leaving themselves unprotected from parasitic entities.

Meditation, to me, is not a blank staring into nothingness in silence. You need to hear the Aum. You need to meditate on God. You need to seek the truth of Eternal Love and Abundance. Otherwise you’d probably end up in the low astral with some dislocated part of the body system.

I love the sound of the Source. I can’t stop following the daily steps of the help I can contribute with. I am always grateful for immortality. Life is a miracle. We are all loved and saved. We make it difficult for ourselves. We have provoked stuff in the past and now refuse to experience the consequences. We are afraid of the uncertain future and the future is never simple, for it is a trial ground here.

We are an army of missionaries. We have volunteered to be here.

We have been chosen among souls that cannot be reborn here, as there is not enough space.

We simply HAVE to put to use our efforts for the common and our own good, but in the best way for everyone and for the sake of harmony, progress, wisdom and health.

We had promised it before we were born. We made some vows and we are running away from them because of distractions, laziness, anger or whatsoever.

We are not right to say our life is ours to do whatever we want to and we owe nothing to anyone.

Just try to remember what you promised. Doesn’t the picture change?

We are not here to live a happy love life. We are here for a specific reason and we need to find our own purpose.

Yes, it is still terribly difficult even if you know what it is. But you have a focal point and it leads you to the desired direction. You don’t ask yourself what the meaning of life is and never lose it. You have a real reason to live for and are grateful to be blessed even with hardships as without them our souls will stagnate and wither, at this stage of our development.

We wanted to experience the Sparks. Adam Kadmon decided to take the rough empirical way to the Truth. We chose to leave Heaven and see what we can create in fragmented realities.

Our monades depend on each and every single one of its members.

12 x 12 = 144

144 is the number that guarantees success.

Once a group of 144 has been reached, righteous future awaits us. Until it has been achieved, like the major change. But afterwards there is no rest and fading away to stagnation again.

It is never completely achieved.

It is not about not being satisfied.

Just the opposite.

Eternal satisfaction due to the innate Godly perfection we have but never reaching a limit of our imagination.

New ideas … New projects …

Sabbaoth, Father, I feel so lonely here. I want to go back home.

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