We learn to hold our heads as if we wear crowns. We learn to wring magic from the ordinary.

We do wear crowns all the time. These are the crowns of our divine virtues and Gifts of abundance from God, our Father, the Sabaoth. The more we are grateful and productive, the more diligently we follow our life mission, the more merrily our crown shines with our adamantine jewels, filled incessantly by the inspiration of fulfilment.
There is no ordinary life once we feel grateful about our immortality and every condition we are put in so that we can grow as individuals and learn valuable lessons; about being given the chance to serve in order to accomplish the global mission of humanity on this planet, along with the personal life plan; about every time we have been saved; about every precious thing we already have and could appreciate all the time instead of enjoying it only once; about the opportunity to be challenged so that we can avoid the death of stagnation. Honestly, we need to remember that we are blessed with all inner attributes that only await our awakening so that we can use them for our own appreciation and for the common good. Once one starts aweing the essence of Life’s Source, it all changes. There is no boring moment or empty passing of time. Suddenly one is capable of bringing valuable meaning to everything and one starts using the creational bliss to always find new ways to express the Infinity of Abundance. As God is infinite mostly in riches and transcendental blessings.

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