Every inch of me tells me that I should try and rest tonight. My body is tired, but unfortunately my mind is restless. Four hours of sleep last night and two the night prior have left me fatigued yet here I sit instead, thinking about lots of random things – none of which always ever go together in a chronological or sensical order. I suppose this is the beauty of the mind.

I’m happy that he’s happy. For years, my significant other has moved around from job to job and never quite found happiness in his role. He felt as though he wasn’t contributing, and even with all the love that I have for him I can confidently say that he’s terrible about bringing work home. Working in public service is hard – and that’s an incredible understatement but in my fatigue I can’t quite think of an eloquent way to do it justice in writing.

I need to reschedule a doctor appointment for sometime next week, don’t I?

My best friend texted today and we made small-talk. It’s been eight years since we graduated highschool together which seems pretty incredible. There’s so many things that we know now that we didn’t know then, and so many ways that we’ve changed. Her wedding was beautiful.

How old am I going to be before I actually invest in a motorcycle like I’ve always wanted?

Is there any way that I could wake up early enough to do some light yoga in the morning before work? Will we be staffed at work? Will I let it ruin my day if we’re not?

Maybe it’s just sleeping alone that’s hard. I’m enjoying the extra room in bed, and I certainly don’t miss the incessant snoring and TV blaring in the background. Perhaps I don’t like the quiet, either. Which is strange, because I’ve always loved the quiet.

I need to get started planning some sort of vacation. Hopefully there will be more on that to come. I’m excited for the 60-minute massage in my foreseeable future.

I should have worked on some of my course material today for my research class after work instead of writing this. What can I say? I needed the break. Working in public service is hard.

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June 1, 2019

I suffer from not being able to turn my brain off at night and I have found that Melatonin really helps.

It is never to late to get a motorcycle. I got my first one when I turned 55. Sort of a gift to me using an early pension to pay for it. Now i ride constantly unless restricted by medical issues.

Have a great day, sleep tonight and get that motorcycle!

June 1, 2019

@unscathedcorpse I did have a great day, actually, thank you. As for the motorcycle, I think it would be incredibly freeing in a way. Plus, it would be great to be that one odd nurse practitioner that drives to the clinic on her bike.

As for the melatonin, I’ve taken it before. I’m willing to give it a shot again. Fingers crossed.