Sleepy musings of gratitude at 2:15 am

(Written earlier this year….)

I love my own little life. All the lifts and blows, the unexpected turns and surprises, the loves and heart-hurts…all the amazingastonishing wonder-filled gifts I feel I’ve had in this tiny flash of a lifetime.
Before sleep I am deeply grateful for miracles the day has offered up and laid at my feet. Today I loved effortless and sure pencil lines, the delicious taste and peppery sting of Don’s spicy home-made chai, the velvety heaven-scented array of roses in the garden….and so much laughter. I love living with a passion for making… and color and possibility swirl in dizzy spirals in my cannotshutitdown busy brain. And the hit-me-right-in-the-heart Tremendous Moments of toothless grandbaby smiles, fierce love and pride for my three sons and beautiful daughter in law, and holding Don’s loving warm and work-hardened hand against my cheek. Family, friends, students…you bring to me so much dearness and nearly painful joy–that it fills the space in and around the harsh outer world realities.
It’s all so short and fragile, isn’t it–this tiny flash of a lifetime?
On this speck of a planet,
set in a smudge of a galaxy,
disappearing in unfathomable space.
When I view my own tiny spark from the perspective of time and distance, life feels infinitesimal and fleeting.
But living close and now within this spark, all feels limitless.
Thank you. (And you, and you, and many of you. And especially you.)



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November 15, 2017

What a lovely entry of gratitude, thanks for that – it was refreshing.

November 15, 2017

Ah … just reading this brings peace 🙂

November 22, 2017

This is beautiful – and it’s the reason I am so glad we are back here.