My march vacations

At the beginning of March I took a vacation with my significant others family to Tampa Florida for his cousins wedding. It was a such a perfect time to connect and grow a deeper relationship with his family so I really valued the time we spent together on this vacation. However, since it was the week before spring break I had to miss a week of school so it was a little stressful to catch up on a weeks worth of missed content. Once I got back I left three days later to go to Panama City Beach with 18 of my best friends. We stayed in an air b&b (the way to vacation now a days) right on the water, but the water was too cold to swim in:( March was such a fun month for me because I was able to soak up the sun and lay on the sand for half of the month so I would say it was my favorite month of 2022 so far!

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Enjoy my friend! 😀 I wish I could go to the beach but I am a redhead and I burn quite easily…