Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins

Well I didnt complete NoJoMo but I had a good start and frankly it did the job it was supposed to do and got me back into writing.

I am sad about how tonight went.  I dont know guys I hate Christmas because in Denver Christmas meant we were alone.  And it was hard for me because I grew up with two days worth of Christmas and it just felt so fake.  For 14 years.  And now there is COVID and Christmas celebrations arent happening again (for so many reasons).  So I planned an advent calendar of activities for my kids.  And today was Buddy the Elf day.  And I had an awesome themed dinner planned but my kids moved the food coloring so scrap that.  Then everyone was pissed and fighting during the movie, so whatever.  It was just hard.  Tomorrow is Madi’s birthday.  We will have cake and then go to look at lights.  I am going to have to get up early and really nail down a plan.

Two of my brothers arent talking to me.  My brother Dustin got into a fight with our sister Nikkole.  Nikkole and I are extremely close.  Dustin hit Nikkoles son in the face.  Nikkoles husband swung at Dustin.  I made a comment about making your bed and having to lay in it.  Both of my brothers deleted me for that comment.  Which is like….fine?  Because if you hit my kid in the face Jeff would probably swing on you too.  But now my dad and step mom have taken Dustins side.  so now I am on their shit list.  LMFAO I just moved back and these fucking people are making me want to leave.  Thats some bullshit.  Whatever.  I am going to give my parents their presents for Christmas, and thats it.  I dont want to hang out or talk.  They are manipulative and I dont need to be there so they can twist some shit.  I got them ancestry DNA kits.  My step mom mentioned she wanted them.  I am getting my other two brothers (who live with my parents) each a gift card or gaming accessory.  I am getting Nikkole and her husband a Crosswave (because they come down and help us all the time and they do not let us pay them).  I am getting my mom an ancestry kit (I should have bought it but I wanted to wait until I get my check) and something else (unchosen).  I am getting my step dad liquid IV (hes terminally ill and it would be a miracle if he saw another Christmas) and a custom mug.  I dont know what I am getting my brother with a new baby but I legit thought about edibles…we will see.  I have 4 times the amount of people to buy for than I used to.  I am going to make a list of names, birthdays, interests, all of that so I can shop for everyone all year.

Tomorrow and Thursday Mac has Star Testing all day which basically means I do not have to be around him except his 30 minute slot of testing to make sure he is paying attention.  Then he gets to play games (school directed) and I get to get some shit done.  Yes!  Tomorrow I wanna work in the kitchen as much as I can to get some videos filmed and whatever.

Alright I know this is quick and not a full update but thats all you got for now.

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