Happy Thanksgiving!

It finally got cold here…a little cold snap in SW florida, hurray!! I love the colder weather. The holidays just aren’t the same for this northern girl, unless its cold.

I will be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow! Its definitely starting to get real for us. I got some more things I need, between a couple friends, my mom, and my own purchases. I bought myself a Moby, which I always wanted for Lucy. Lauren surprised me by saying she’s planning a small baby shower for me next Friday. How sweet of her!!!! It will probably just be a small group of girls, and I’m so excited. 🙂 After that too, I’m sure I’ll have almost everything I need for the baby. I got some unexpected money recently, so I still have some of that left over to buy the remaining stuff I need. Which is….nursing bras and tops, nursing nightgown, toiletries and stuff, postpartum care stuff for me, etc. I still need bottles and things that likely have to go with bottles. I need to call about my breast pump…need to remember to do that. I have mounting hospital bills I haven’t paid too. Thank goodness for this money I put aside for these things.

Im just cleaning up around the house today before I go to dinner at my parents house with Lucy. Of course Paul is working a 12 hour day today if not longer. 2 more years and he will be cooking thanksgiving dinner for us…and maybe I will be working!

Everyone enjoy their family time today.

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December 1, 2013

You have a lot to look forward to and congratulations!