The Transformational Shift

I wrote a lot in the past. I started up a small blog where only a handful of people would read what I had to say, it wasn’t fancy or anything, just a blog on a free app where I would upload some pictures and upload my journal entry. A few people had reached out to me in the past, they resonated with what I had to say. I have always been big on making a difference in at least one persons life, I’m a big believer in the chain reaction–if I am inspiring this change or resonating with this individual then they’re likely to do so for another and then another and another. I can get lost in the idea of the domino effect, we’re all just dominos in this world making impacts on other dominos and then at the end we all fall down anyway.

I also got my first journal ever back in January you would think I would’ve had all the pages filled up by now but there are still a few blank ones. I am proud of what I had written so far. You see, I love to write. But, I have realized I tend to write more when I am struggling or battling negative emotions but my writing is usually upbeat maybe it is sort of twisted, a counterproductive therapy if you will, pretend to have it all together, fake it till you make it!

But recently my life has been really amazing and that is why I have not written as much. Which is sad, I should be writing, I want to be writing because I want to capture this all! I want to bottle up all this positive change, growth, and evolution in my life and then ship it back to my past self to show her how far she has come and how far she has yet to go.

I have always been a pretty energetic person but I definitely have my fair share of struggles that can make my life gloomy. What I had realized though is that no one is immune to struggles, we all have them. What we do have though is the power of choice–we can either let life take us into the abyss of the gloom or we can do a transformational shift, which leads me to another thing I have realized. We all owe it to ourselves to take the transformational shift.

The transformational shift is not easy, it takes hard work, time, perseverance, commitment, and vulnerability. However, the joy that finds you on the other end is worth it, it is like you can feel the energy shift and you feel so much lighter.

What keeps you in the abyss is you telling yourself you deserve to feel that way, you are destined to feel that way, you deserve only gloom. That thinking will destroy you, it will chain you and keep you locked up from all the beautiful opportunities and experiences that await you.

I was once chained to that thought process, I lacked confidence, and I was my own worst enemy. And then I gave in and had a breakthrough, releasing my chains, delving into the transformational shift. You can too, you owe it to yourself. Life won’t always be sunshine and rainbows there is a lot of gloom that arises but we cannot focus on our cloudy days, we can’t give into them. You are deserving of good things, bad things happen to good people but you don’t need to let the bad hold you down. If you do  anything today let it be your first steps towards your transformational shift. Come back to this post and tell me all about it.

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January 2, 2022

Thank you very much for sharing this message in a bottle. I needed this. The world is so much more connected than it has ever been (How I miss the 90’s). It’s phenomenal, and exhilarating, like a roller coaster, without tracks. Yet the ride with all it’s up and downs, can also be overwhelming at times. Writing is a great outlet for those overwhelming moments.