New Routines

Before starting the new role at work I had already put in for some time off so it worked out well that was off for almost 2 weeks. In the “old days” I would’ve just sat on my ass and then felt like I’d wasted the entirety of my time off. I didn’t do that this time. I spent every day getting up ~0530 and getting out the door for a weighted walk in a nearby park by 0630. In that hour before leaving I would check my blood sugar, BP and then paper journal a bit. Then out the door and on my way to the park for a 20-25 min walk with a weighted backpack or rucksack. When I didn’t have to go to work I’d go over to Starbucks and get a coffee. I should interrupt here and say that I’ve never been a big fan of coffee or really anything bitter. The nutritionist I’ve been working with said that when sugar intake is decreased some people notice their tastebuds “resetting”. I can say that this was true for me. It’s still bitter but not grossly so. Back to Starbucks, I’d hang out there(outside) and people watch, drink my nitro cold brew and futz around on my iPad. That’s also where I thought about and signed up for this blog, and so far I feel like that’s been a pretty good decision.

Anyway, the last 5 days I’ve been doing the same routine minus going to Starbucks. I get done with my walk and head home to get showered and breakfast if I’m not fasting that morning. I’ve been doing a bit of intermittent fasting (while monitoring my blood sugar) and it’s been fitting nicely into that routine. I have high hopes that I can keep this up!

Talk Soon.

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