Today is Better

It’s been almost 3 months since the Parental Unit died. I still miss them very much but things are starting to get easier. I’ve been diving back into hobbies I’d forgotten and allowing myself to be excited about those hobbies. I’ve been camping a few times with plans on going more in the coming months. I’ve reconnected with old friends and made a new friend. I know things will continue to get better as time passes. I still have moments of intense sadness and I’m thankful I have built a support network (without even knowing it) that can help me and that I’m in a place in my career that I can take a day or two when needed. I’m allowing the grief to come when it wants to but I’m not letting it overstay its welcome. The PU wouldn’t want me to disentigrate into a ball of nothing and I don’t want to do that either.

Things are better and I plan on keeping it that way.

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