Given up on Russian, am learning Ukrainian…

I can write some Cyrillic thanks to me learning a bit of Russian, but I am more interested in the Ukrainian language. Also slowly learning Portuguese. The operative word here is slowly bc I can only concentrate on one language at a time. But yeah!

Today Julie, my older sister from another mister, turns 56… well tbh, she turned it at 12 in the morning! I am 7 years younger than she is. Today we are ordering takeaway pizza from Julie’s favorite pizza joint – Papa John’s. I have to get on the blower after lunch and pre-order the food. We are getting an alfredo sauce based pizza with bacon, and pineapple, basically, a Hawaiian with alfredo sauce — so gross sounding but utterly delish, and bacon cheese stix, and maybe a meatball and pepperoni Papadias? And soft drinks. I would’ve loved to buy us a couple of brewskis, but nope. LOL All this is coming at 4pm.

I just downloaded AC:NL on Julz’ 3DS. I’m downloading the AC hack Welcome Luxury.

My Sims legacy is going alright. Not the one I imposed Pinstar’s rules upon, just my average cheaty version!! Ha! That’s the way I roll.. actually, you know the Animal Crossing hack? Cheaty game!!

My sim Zara Couderc (nee Mulder) is married to Trent, but is pregnant with the next door neighbor lol.. I can’t wait to have Trent and Zara have children. I wonder what they will look like, since Trent is dark skinned and Zara is almost my coloring – a corpse white.

Speaking of corpses, I have corpse hands and feet right now. I am so fucking cold it ain’t funny. Stupid Canadian weather. 🙁

I’d better stfu now and get my baby sister from another mister (we are 4 years apart Bees and I) up for church. She goes, I don’t seeing that I am Jewish. 🙂

Til l8r?


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February 25, 2024

Priviet! I only know a few words in Russian. I love the language though. The alphabet throws me for a loop! 😆

February 25, 2024

@celestialflutter  И тебе привет! (I tebe privet!) Hello to you too~!!


February 25, 2024

Some languages sound so pretty while others just give me a headache. lol

Happy birthday Julie! 🥳

February 25, 2024

@ostara Japanese and Korean are musical languages.. she says ty ♥