Angry Artichoke

On 06-10-2022 I lost another family member, my little sister, to alcohol induced cirrhosis of the liver!

A few years earlier my older sister passed from the same condition/disease/stupidity, plus an addiction to Oxycodone/Percodan, a few years before that I lost my Aunty who also died from this stupidity. Currently my alcoholic mother, who abandoned me at 11 yrs old, sits in a comfy retirement home, drinking brandy all day, no sign of cirrhosis for her yet!

My father passed also, but from a heart attack, he was not alcoholic, the only person in my family besides me and the kids that is not an alcoholic.
All I have left of my immediate family is my son and niece and the mother that I’ve talked to 4x’s sense she left years ago.

I’m afraid I’ll die of the same thing, cirrhosis of the liver, though I rarely, if ever, drink alcohol for obvious reasons.

I feel f**king angry, sad, and have this incredulous sense of why?

Why did my baby sister not tell anyone she was dying? Apparently the doctors diagnosed her two years ago (not too late to stop, and possibly reverse this scaring, fibroid, problem with proper diet), yet she did not reach out to me, her daughter, a therapist/counselor/AA/boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.

My sister was an amazing person, loved kayaking, entered many races, was the outdoors type, hiking, biking, playing sports, etc. So athletic, in shape, not overweight, youngish, yet she had this little secret of drinking herself to death. *&%@^#$%.

I’ve spent last week with a husband that has narcissist personality disorder and is a raging alcoholic, while grieving the death of my sister from alcohol abuse, he drank himself unconscious/stupid all week long, my grief was a great excuse for him to take time off work “to support me”, total joke, and just drink rum all day/night. I haven’t even gotten a hug out of him f**king as*h**e.

My life sucks!

To the powers that be, please oh please, don’t put anymore people like this on/in my path. I’m not interested nor do I want or need this in my life; addiction, psychological issues, and/or mental disorders. I’ve had ENOUGH!

Thank you very much,

Angry Artichoke 🙁

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