hi im porgo!
im 20, use they/it pronouns
im a psychology major in college
i work at a teahouse and an auto repair shop

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better gone – mixed matches

December 14, 2023
i try not to let little things get to me, but i must confess now that i am simply annoyed. my uncle came in the office and gave me a mean look as he walked away with one of the folders that had been sitting there for him to pick up. . . it's not…
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  • fear
    December 14, 2023
    "imagine yourself unafraid. you have no doubts, no worries, no fears of the unknown. the things you used to worry about do not exist. write about what you would do if this was the case. what would do you if you weren't afraid?"  i would be more social. i would go to parties; meet more…
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  • baby blues – audrey nuna
    December 14, 2023
    typing with long nails is going to be a nightmare. . . after work today, i went to the gym with my boyfriend. now, im sitting in my bed eating cookies and drinking cider in my slipknot shirt. i was high energy for a bit, but now im very tired and would rather be in…
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