Monday 11/27/23

6:16a.m. I finally got some help last night. I got a nice hot shower and a shave. But I was out Theof water all night. I was begging for a pitcher of ice water but never got any. My mouth was a sand box all night long. I slept fairly well but I had weird dreams. 

I had this one dream where I got a four year scholarship to West Liberty. I was very happy but not my parents. They said I will never make it. I was also admonished for wanting to leave home. Then I had another dream where I had to give a dissertation . The subject was on why the Church does not believe in birth control. 

Aides got me up around 5:30. They did a good job in cleaning me up and getting me in my wheelchair. But I was still without water.  I had to go to the nurse’s station for a lousy cup of water.

Chocolatechip just called. She wasn’t too happy. She said aid three things ruined her Thanksgiving. First Carol, to hen they rang her Intercom,then Tim Roberts. Also Eddie the Mooch is back. He bummed cookies from her. She is not going to answer her door. He will take everything she has she said. I told her about my lack of water. We both have our problems.

8:08a.m. Breakfast consisted of a dried biscuit and cold scrambled eggs. I couldn’t eat it. I had orange juice and coffee. That made me feel better. I was talking to Chocolatechip.I was saying I’ve been in such a shitty mood these last few days . I also went on about how nothing in this nursing home has been going right. I can’t get changed can’t even get water. No wonder I get depressed and in a bad mood 

CHOCOLATECHIP said it might be my attitude. They might hea me complain over the phone. I seldom get pissed and go off on the aides I said. She said they hear me bitch on the phone. They don’t like that and give me shitty treatment. I was thinking Chocolatechip might have a point. I better watch what I say on the phone from now on.

9:32a.m. I made it to the coffee social. I’m waiting on my first cup. Perhaps coffee wil put me in a better mood. I haven’t been drinking too much coffee since I was sick. Maybe I might be going through caffeine withdrawal symtomps. I don’t know. I do know is I don’t like the way I’ve been feeling. All I’ve been doing is bitch about the nursing home.  I’m going to change and coffee will help.

12:06p.m. I just finished a delicious lunch.  I had beef and macaroni casserole, green beans and a dinner roll. Then I had jello for dessert. Also had an extra cup of coffee and a fruit punch A good meal and the caffeine put me in an excellent mood.

I’m still in the Fiesta Room. I’m having a great time. Im proud to ssy I’m reading again. I read Wolves of the Calla for almost two hours. This is the first time I felt like reading in over a week. I’m back to my old self. 

2:09p.m. I made it back to my room after lunch. I called Chocolatechip  She just got back from Walmart. I’m glad she got some groceries. enough to see her through until the first. That’s one problem solved. She was a bit upset though over what Kim said to her about the exterminator. The office lady made it seem like it was Chocolatechip’s fault about the bed bug problem. Chocolatechip felt very sad and depressed about how staff has been treating her.

I felt bad for her. We were talking about how it might be time for a nursing home. I asked if she is still on the waiver program. I was thinking it might be a good idea to check out the idea of a nursing home while she is still on the program. But Chocolatschip manages things very well on her own. Things just get crazy with the bed bug problem. Still constantly battling BB is not good for anyone’s mental health.. Sometimes I get depressed just listening and not being able to help.

I’m in bed now. I didn’t have to battle the aides for help. I got taken care of ad soon as I rang the call light. Aides came in and did a good job in cleaning me up and changing my briefs. I got good care for a change and this made for a very good day so far. 

5:31p.m. I talked a lot with Chocolatechip. She called Sharon. the case manager from Just Right Home Care. The CM thinks Chocolatechip might qualify for a nursing home. This isn’t a done deal yet because a few phone calls must be made.

We talked about nursing homes. I said I’d like you to comel to this place. I bitch about the care act a lot but things could be worse someplace else. I said the food is good for the most part. We can spend a lot of time together in the Fiesta Room. That would be the best part of the whole deal.  I also said the place is clean and they have a lot of activities. Just this morning they were showing a movie. 

Moving to a nursing home would be a very big step. But I think Chocolatechip is ready for the plunge. She sounded so fed up with the bed bug situation and the Housing Authority’s callous disregard. She has done everything in her power but has gotten nothing but lies in return. This whole thing is a never ending nightmare that is affecting her overall well being. I hate to say it but a nursing home might be a viable option.

I also did a lot of reading. I’m still reading Wolves of the Calla by Stephen King. I read for about an hour this afternoon. I read more today than I have all week. It is taking me longer than anticipated but I am determined read all seven Dark Tower novels. There are seven in all . 

6:26p.m. I had Salisbury steak, scalloped potatoes, a dinner roll and Angel food cake for supper. It was pretty good. I ate it all without getting sick. I called Chocolatechip after I ate but she had gone to sleep. All my tablets need charged so I think I might call it a night as well Goodnight.












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November 27, 2023

Those dreams you have sound very vivid. I rarely have dreams like that, or remember them. But I did have one last night that I remember quite well.