Monday 2/12/24

4:23 a.m. I had a weird dm last night. They have bought me a computer. In this dream I sold the computer and printer. They were pissed off at , especially my mother. Then the family was supposed to go out to eat. The’re was some confusion over the restaurant. But they were so mad at me for selling the computer I wasn’t invited.  There’s were more dreams but this i s what I remember they most.’

I had a good night. I slept well despite the weird dreams. I had a nice aide who got me in my wheelchair by four o’clock. But I still feel cranky and miserable. 

7:13a.m. I’m feeling a little better. I chatted with Chocolatechip then I slept in my wheelchair until they served drinks. Coffee and orange juice definitely put me in a better mood. I don’t know how my day my will turn out. But I will make the most of it. 

They will be serving breakfast soon. I hope it is something besides cold scrambled eggs.

9:34a.m. Guess what I got for breakfast? Cold scrambled eggs and a biscuit is what they served. I ate it but it didn’t do anything for me. To make things worse I think I’m coming down with a bad cold. I feel sick and very weak. Then, the hoyer pad is hurting my butt. Consequently I’m one sick miserable Old fart.

I talked to a guy named Greg about a new phone. He said they are working on getting a new one. What kind of phone? I asked? He said the same kind I had before. How long will it take? He didn’t know. This means I’ll be getting a clear captions hearing impaired phone. I hope I do not have to wait too long.

Despite being sick and miserable I made it to the Coffee Social. I had one cup. I think I’ll stay here for lunch because I don’t have the omph to make it back on my own. BTW I am having sloppy joes for lunch Lunch looks more promising than breakfast.

I chatted with Chocolatechip. She called Legal Aide. They refered her to an agency that handles consumer affairs. She also cancelled her debit card. The balance is transferrable. She will be getting a new card in ten days. Also her case manager is taking her to Walmart Thursday for groceries. I said things seem to be looking up.

I’m on my second cup of coffee. Slowly I’m starting to come to life. The Way I fell I could drink a gallon of coffee.  I just feel very run down today. I hope I can snap out of this slump.

1:01p.m.  I feel sick. Despite being sick I’ve been reading Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff. I’m halfway through Chapters 19. I took a break to chat with Chocolatechip. That one agency, Mountain State Justice, called. After they do an intake they will help her with SCI. We both feel confident they don’t have a leg to stand on.   I mentioned that I was getting a new phone soon and that I was coming down with something. That was the extent of out conversation.

I had a good lunch. They served two sloppy joes, corn and jello.  I ate it all. I also had my fourth cup of coffee for the day. I still feel very tired and weak. I also feel achy all over plus I have a case of diarrhea. I wish they will put me in bed soon. But I will be sitting in my wheelchair wallowing in misery the rest of the afternoon.

3:31p.m. I’m in bed now. Asshole aide put me in bed at 3:30. He didn’t do a good job. He just got home in bed, undressed me and changed my briefs. He didn’t put cream on my sores or clean me up. At least I’m in bed and off the damned hoyer pad. That was killing me. I wish I could say I’m feeling better but I still have this damned cold. It is dragging my butt to the ground.

I finished chapter 19 in my book. I hope to read one more chapter tonight. I am almost finished with Midnight in Washington. I should be able to finish it tomorrow.  Next up is another book on Trump, Landslide by Michael Wolf. It’s about the final days of the Trump administration. I read other works by this author and he is a good writer.

I’ll start reading again after supper. In the meantime I have a chat date with Chocolatechip at 4. Ain’t it great I got a date. I can’t be late. But if I am I masturbate.

6:25p.m. I had fish, cold potatoes and homemade Dutch apple pie. It was ok despite the cold potatoes. Chocolatechip and I chatted. She received an email from Comcast stating the phone hasn’t been delivered. It was shipped to someplace in Tennessee. She has a FedEx recept and a tracking number. She said she will track the package tomorrow then call Comcast. I said maybe Betty Jo can help. She said it isn’t at that point yet It’s one damned thing after another. We talked for a few minutes then she went to bed.

I had a shitty day. I was sick and in pain n from the hoyer pad. But I managed to read a chapter in my book. I hope to read one more chapters tonight. Then I think I can finish Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff tomorrow. So today wasn’t a complete waste









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3 weeks ago

Sounds like a typical day for anyone: some good points, some not so good. I hope CC is able to resolve her debt issues with this fly-by-night school.