Sunday 2/11/24

7:49a.m. I did a lot of reading last night. I read until I fell asleep at nine. I slept well for a change with  l weird dreams. The aides woke me up around 4:30. They cleaned me up , changed my  briefs and got me in my wheelchair by 5:00. I slept in my wheelchair for an hour or so. I had my coffee and orange juice then went to the nurse‘s station to call Chocolatechip. 

We only talked for al few minutes. She was still tired but in good spirits.  I asked about the bbk problem.  She said it is under control. She asked when I was getting a new phone. I said I hope tomorrow.. I didn’t want to say too much in public.  Chocolatechip said we will chat on Messenger.

I  went back to my room and had breakfast. I ate a coffee cake and scrambled eggs. It was on the skimpy side but better than nothing. Im grateful I had coffee in the morning and something to eat.

I’m in a much better mood today. I’m getting used to not having a phone. Hopefully, I’ll be getting one sometime soon.  Then I can talk with Chocolateschip. In the meantime we can always use Messenger. Life is good.

10:14a.m. I can’t stay awake today. Still. I made it to the Coffee Social. I had one cup . I also chatted with Chocolatechip. She is having trouble with that scam school SCI. They claim she owes them money for cancelling the course. She is considering contacting Legal Aide. I advised her to get a new debit card. I also said they can’t touch your SSI . At worse they will turn the bill over to a collection agency. Her credit will be shot to hell but she don’t use credit cards anyways.

It was cold in the Fiesta Room so I left after one cup.  I think I can stay awake now. I want to read my book Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff. I stopped at a good part last night. The House just voted to impeach Trump. Now it was up to the Senate to try the impeachment case. Schiff was to act as prosecutor. He knew he had no chance to convince two thirds of the Senators. But the Dems wanted to put the case before the American people. This is interesting stuff indeed

3:34p.m. Lunch wasn’t all that great but I ate it all anyways. I still enjoyed the afternoon. I finished reading a long chapter in  Midnight in Washington. I also chatted with Chocolatechip on Messenger for almost an hour. Both put me in a fairly good mood.

My only problem is I need changed.  I haven’t been changed since the got me up at 4:30a.m. I’ve been sitting in urine and feces all afternoon. I also didn’t get water until recently. Chocolatechip says the aides should come in periodically to check on me. But they don’t do that here. I have to practically beg for help. The aides in this place suck.

4:45p.m. Miracle of Miracles just occurred. I’m in bed now. The aide was very friendly and professional. She got me in bed, cleaned me up, put cream on my butt and changed my briefs. I was starting to have a major meltdown but she came in the nick of time.

I was chatting with Chocolatechip when she came in. She is worried about Xfinity and Stratford Career Institute. Again I said I think SCI cannot touch her. Chocolatechip never signed a contract She cancelled the next business day and returned the books. Again I said I’m not a lawyer but I think you have so many days to back out of any contract. I again strongly suggested she get in touch with Legal Aide.

6:16p.m. Supper was late and I didn’t get my drinks. They served pepperoni rolls coleslaw and ministrone soup. I didn’t eat the soup. I chatted with Chocolatechip before they served my meal.. We talked for almost an hour. She is going to cancel her debit card and get a new one tomorrow. It will cost $15 but I think it’s a good idea. Xfinity and Sci might try to take out money. I also said the to make sure the money on her old card is transferrable. Then she is going to get the number for Legal Aide and give them a call.

I  the social worker. I hope I hear from Clear Captions about a new phone tomorrow. If not I’m going to demand I talk with the social worker or anyone who can get me a phone I been two days without one and it sucks. The way I see it the nursing home should provide a phone because their aides broke mine.

This has been a so so day. But I survived. I’m still above the dirt.

9:00 p.m.   Pepperoni rolls do not agree with me. I got very sick and bloated. I fell asleep right after I ate. I was fast asleep when the aide woke me up. I got a nice hot shower. I feel somewhat better but my stomach still feels queezy. I had some  Mylanta earlier a d that helped a little. I can’t sleep now so I’m going to try and read one more chapter in Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff













































































, change



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February 11, 2024

Glad you’re having a good day (so far), Bear. It must have been nice to sleep through the night without any dark dreams intruding.

February 11, 2024

@ravdiablo  Thanks my friend I hope you have a good day