Saturday 2/10/24

11:33a.m. I’m very depressed today. I’m upset because my phone died on me. Thank God Chocolatechip and I can still chat on Messenger. But it isn’t the same as talking on a phone. I got an email from Clear Captions. It said they are working on my order and will be in touch. So hopefully I. Ight be getting another hearing impaired phone. When? I do not know. I do know I’m going to be very sad because I can’t talk with Chocolateschip.

I didn’t go to the Coffee Social today. I didn’t do anything but sleep in my wheelchair. Dealing with depression makes me very tired. Depression sucks you dry. I felt used up this morning. But I recovering and I will be al bit better this afternoon.

12:59p.m. Lunch was terrible. They served buttermilk chicken, green beans, rice, a dinner roll, and pears for dessert. The chicken was dry and too spicy. Everything else was cold. All I ate were the pears and two pieces of chicken. Yech!

I’m in a very foul mood. To make things really bad my briefs are rubbing against my crotch. It hurts like hell. I’m also soaked. But once again I won’t be able to get help. The aides are busy with lunch trays. I’ll no doubt be sitting in urine and feces all afternoon.

I swear it sucks being in a nursing home. I have no phone or tv. I can’t get decent care and end up sitting in my own filth all day . Had I known it would be this bad I would have refused to have gone. It really does suck.

1:51p.m. Ok I’m an asshole. The aide just put me in bed and changed my briefs . She was friendly and did a good job. I feel a bit better but I’m still in a foul mood.

7:01p.m. I didn’t eat supper. It didn’t appeal to me. They had chocolate pudding for dessert. I ate that and a dinner roll. I just wasn’t hungry today.

I read two chapters in my book Midnight in Washington by Adam Schiff.  hated Trump but i thought the Dems were wasting time with their impeachment. Then I started reading this book.  Trump should of been impeached. He was one of the most corrupt and evil Presidents we ever had.  In my view Nixon was a better president. He is still a threat to our Democracy. I hate to think what will happen if he gets reelected. But I admit I’m biased and need to learn more.

Anyways I am enjoying this book. I am finding it interesting and I formative. I am about half way finished with it. Next up is another book on Trump. I think I’ll read The Reckoning by Mary L Trump.

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3 weeks ago

Sorry you’re having such a bad day; I didn’t know us elderly people could taste spice anymore. I need my food super seasoned to taste it these days.