Thursday 11/30/23

7:42a.m. I’m above the dirt and faced with another day in the nursing home. I had a good night for a change. I slept with no nightmares or weird dreams. Aides came in two or three times to change my briefs. I got good care. They gave me a nice sponge bath when they got !e up this morning b around 5:30. So I can’t complain about my care.

I called Chocolatschip. She wask a bit on the grumpy side. But we talked for a few. She wanted to know about that side from yesterday if this aide has a thing for me. I said I think she does but I’m not interested. I have a girlfriend. Besides she is way too young for me.  I also said that whole incident of creeped me out. She also said it probably doesn’t matter. 

Then she talked about Tim the Mooch. He was using her tablet.  There was some kind of problem. She had to call the company to get it straightened out. Chococolatechip was worried about it.  I said I’m sure you will be ok. I also said I wouldn’t let Tim use your Tablet. I do not trust him. 

We talked for a few minutes. Then she wanted to get her coffee. I fell asleep in my wheelchair. I slept until they served drinks and breakfast. Breakfast was delicious. I had biscuits and gravy. I didn’t get sick or bloated. Also had my coffee and orange juice that finally started my day.v

I’m having a good morning so far. I’m getting decent care and breakfast was good . Arthritis isn’t bothering me too much and that is a a blessing. I am truly very lucky. Life is good.

12:40p.m. I made it to the coffee social. I don’t know what hit me but I got very depressed.  One thing that bothered me was chatting with Chococolatechip on Messenger. She said that it would be ok if I met someone else in the nursing home. She also said that a distance relationship might not be enough and I probably get very lonely at times.

I didn’t know how to take this comment. I thought this might be like a Dear Bear moment. I replied that most of the residents are on their last legs and a relationship is the last thing on their minds. Chococolatechip said what about the aides? I said they are way too young for me. There are some older aides but I think most are married. Besides, I am very happy with us and I do not want to meet anyone else. I added, please do not talk like this.

I got to thinking about this and it brought me down. I wasn’t in too good a mood to start with. The mere thought of losing Chocolatschip made me very sad indeed. I talk with other women in this place but I’m not interested in any kind of relationship with anyone. I do get very lonesome at times but all I want is just to talk. Chocolatechip is the love of my life and always will be.

I didn’t stay depressed for too long. I ate a good lunch and that lifted my spirits. I had two tuna salad sandwiches, potato salad and Mandarin oranges for dessert. I also drank lots of coffee and two glasses of lemonade. The good food and coffee helped lift my spirits. I felt a lot better as I made my way back to my room.

1:52p.m. I hope to read this afternoon. I’m still on the Dark Tower novels. I have been reading those books since last September. I wonder if ever will be finished with them. I’m almost finished with Wolves of the Calla. I have Song of Susanna and Dark Tower to finish. I hope to be done with these book by the middle of December. Then I’ll start on the John Grisham books I bought The Firm and The Exchange: After the Firm. 

I am hoping I will get another gift card from the nursing home.  There is at least one other book I’d like to get. One is  Oath and Honor: A Memoir and a Warning by Liz Cheney. This is for $16.99. I got a gift card last year. I’m hoping against hope I’ll get another card this year. I only have a million e-books. I can a!ways use more.

4:24p.m. I must of had an off day because I  couldn’t concentrate on my book. I felt I was on an emotional roller coaster. I felt depressed this morning. Then I cheered myself up thanks to a good lunch. I was ok for awhile but soon found myself slipping again. I decided to do something different instead of just sit in my wheelchair and be miserable. I began reading my NIV study Bible. I read the first two chapters of Genesis. I felt a lot better after reading the Bible for an hour.

I read the Bible before. It has helped me refocus my thoughts from bad to good. I would like to read it again and this time really study it. So I made myself a promise to read my Bible for at least an hour every day. The nursing home had a Bible study group I think every Tuesday night at seven. I plan on attending my first session next week. This will be a lot better than sitting on my lazy butt feeling miserable.

I’m still in my wheelchair. I don’t mind though because the Hoyer pad is not bothering me too much. I hope to be in bed shortly after supper. 

6:06p.m. I had spaghetti with meat sauce ,a dinner roll, tossed salad and a piece of chocolate cake. It was delicious. 

7:23p.m. I’m in bed now. It sure feels good to be off that Hoyer pad. Ive been in the wheelchair for over fourteen hours. Also, this is the first time I hot my briefs changed all day. I must say the aide cleaned !e up pretty good. I feel a lot better Life is good.



































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November 30, 2023

Glad you’re having a good day, Bear. Make the most of it.

November 30, 2023

@ravdiablo  I hope you are having a good one my friend