Tuesday 6/11/24

7:33a.m. I was up late last night listening to Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I finially fell asleep around 10:30. I had a pretty good night. I slept well with no nightmares. I re imember one dream I had about Clint Eastwood. I yelled out to him “You are a great actor and a good man!” as he was walking by. 

I was up for good at 7:00. I called Chocolatechip but no answer. Then they served coffee and orange. After that I had a breakfast of sausage and pancakes. It was pretty good. The combination of a good breakfast and coffee put me in a good mood. I’m above the dirt and ready to face another day in the nursing home. Life is good.    

10:23a.m. The aides got me dressed and in my wheelchair in time for the coffee social. So I made my way to the Fiesta Room. I had a nice hot cup of coffee. Colleen came and took me to the physical therapy gym. I had a good work out. After I was finished they wanted me to try the exercise bike. I was game but couldn’t lift my bad leg onto the pedals. So Culleen took me back to my room. 

Anyways I got my leg exercises out of the way. Now I can just sit on my lazy butt and read. But I’m torn between two loves. I want to finish reading Landscape Turned Red. But I started listening to an audiobook Team of Rivals last night. I want to do both but can’t. It happens everytime I try to read two books at a time.          

1:05p.m. I listened to Team of Rivals for a out an hour. I heard about Lincoln’s early life. He had tough time of it as a child. The family was very poor. The author said at an early age Lincoln had a burning ambition to better himself. This ambition was fueled by a passionate love affair with books and reading.He had little formal education but was self educated Lincoln eventually thought himself law and became a lawyer in Springfield, Illinois. 

I listened until they served drinks and lunch. I had cream of broccoli soup, two sloppy joes, potato salad and pineapple bits. Lunch was delicious and I ate it all.

  I also talked with Chocolatechip. She was telling me that collection agency for SCI called. They tried to claim that they never received a June payments. Chocolatechip has proof she sent a $59 payment on May 31 by certified mail. They said the business office should have it by now. Then she got out of the building and went to the library in downtown Weirton I said I was glad you got out of  Misery Towers. We talked then she wanted to make some calls.

I’m having another good day.  But I’m ready to go back to bed. I had an accident during lunch. I’m soaked and need my briefs changed. I hate to go to bed this early but the hoyer pad is hurting like hell. I have the call light on . I hope the aides get to me soon.

2:59p.m. I was sitting in poop and pea for some time. Thank God I’m in bed now. The aide came around 2:30.She wasn’t too friendly but she did her job and that’s what counts. I talked with Chocolatechip after the aide left. Chocolatechip was FireRed up about that collection agency. I can’t say as I blame her. After all she did send in a $59 payment for June. She has proof. I said these collection agencies are not always honest. She said she isn’t going to send another check this month. Good I  said. We talked until Dr Phil came on.

Now that I’m wearing dry briefs I can concentrate on my book. I have one more chapter to go in Landscape Turned Red by Stephen W Sears. I hope to finish it tonight.

6:26p.m. Supper wasn’t all that great. They served chicken cacciatore, rice, a squash medley, a dinner roll and banana pudding. I ate the chicken and the pudding. I talked with Chocolatechip. She was still upset about that collection agency calling. She has a tracking number so she can track the money order. She will do that tomorrow. I kept telling her not to worry. But it is easy for me to say that. She also found out the identity of the 5th person to be evicted. We talked a little about that and what’s been going on in the news. She asked if I had any juicy stories to tell. I didn’t. I said I must be a boring old fart.

The nursing home has a Walmart outing tomorrow.  I hope to get a $50 Amazon gift card. I have at least three books I want to buy. I need more books like I need another butthole.  I keep saying one cannot have enough books.

10:44p.m. I listened to my audiobook Team of Rivals until 8:30. I fell asleep. I was sound asleep when an aide woke me for a shower. I feel much better after getting cleaned. Think I’ll listen to my book for awhile before going back to sleep














































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