What are you running from?

It was really hard to be alone with myself last night – well, maybe alone isn’t the right word; it was hard to be sober.

So I put wine on the grocery order this morning & it felt like a sign when they claimed it was out of stock, and there was no substitute (…not a single bottle of Pinot Grigio in the entire store?…). But then, I was so irked by the ridiculousness of that claim, that I just had to go into the store to see for myself – purchasing said wine, from a fully stocked aisle.

The problem with wine though is that it’s not acceptable to day drink.

So on my way home from Krav tonight I thought, I can just swing by the liquor store and grab some vodka – vodka is versatile…I’ve got cash, it’s on the way home & I can be in and out in 2 minutes, no one has to know; at the last second though, I thought, I better not…this really isn’t a good trend & I shouldn’t be day drinking anyway…so I drove past. Then, turned around, and went back.

Because lately, it’s just nice to be numb.

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March 2, 2022

I hear you. Temptations!