A mother’s Incoming pet peeve:


So u know what I don’t get? I don’t get how some ppl think u can dis own ur child just because they have issues of any kind…mentally…emotionally…physically


If they make bad choices or decisions…for example if they make a choice to take another life…or rape…or do drugs or whatever the case may be. I’m just speaking figuratively so don’t come for me.

Me as a mom, I promised to love my child no matter what. Mothers carry their children in the womb for almost 10 months…that means we are one being for a moment in time n the love begins then. Mothers are entertwined with their children on all levels so it blows my mind how some ppl think that just because they make their own choices in life that we are supposed to not love them! Look…I will love my child thru it all…I may not condone the behavior or agree morally with what my children decide to do and I will command my children be upstanding human beings and I will demand them to do the time if they commit a crime and I would turn my own child in if they do some crazy out of pocket things or atrocious acts but I will never ever stop loving my child no matter what n for those of u who would ain’t none of my bizness…that’s ur choice but for me…I will still love my child no matter what or regardless of the act they choose to do. U don’t have to agree with me but I don’t have to agree with u either! Stop judging the next parent for the level of love we have for our children n we won’t judge u for the way u love urs!

Periodt…point blank!


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