Sexxi @ 52…Shooo…I feel Sexier now than at 25


I feel sexier at 52 than I ever did at 25. I’m pretty sure it’s because I no longer need to be validated…I’m comfortable in my skin n no approval is needed. I encourage women my age to take sexii pics for urself. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle of every day life…we forget to stop and feel sexii. I have a whole album full of lustful nudes and sexxi wow’s that are for my eyes only. Call me conceited all u want but I feel beautiful in my flawed skin. I’ve excepted every one of my defaults so I chronicle every one of my sexii feelings thru pictures just to remind myself that I am perfectly imperfect and sexii AF!

I’m too old to worry about ur opinion of me because I’m too bizzy luving myself!

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March 13, 2024

You go girl