Old Skool Days


  1. Came across these n I realized how truly red my natural hair color was. The top pic…me pregnant at 17….bottom pic I was 16. Man…this was when I had big dreams. I was carefree…young dumb..n u know the rest. Eeeeons ago! When I was optimistic…fresh n young. Before my heart was smashed into smithereens…before all the years weighed me down. Before the wrinkles n greys. Life was just beginning n I thought I was ready to be grown n on my own! If I could only go back n time n warn myself of all the hurt…stresses…n pain. Only if!
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October 12, 2018

Was this in the 80s

October 13, 2018

@kaliko yes girl it was lol I’m so 80’s it’s crazy.

October 13, 2018

Stunner! And I bet you haven’t changed much 😚