Soul Ties Defined



The Power of Soul Ties. … Whether you’re a religious person or not, soul ties is a theory that can be explained and understood by anyone. It’s the idea that certain actions can connect you to a person and cause you to bond in a way that is not easily broken. Typically, soul ties are said to come from sex.


So why u ask am I speaking on Soul Ties…well because I have annalyzed…disected…autopsied myself over the years on why it’s been so damn hard to separate myself from Darnell. Why can’t I be that strong woman who I claim to be n just cut this shit loose? Why do I feel so attached to a man of his demeanor? Do I like going thru all of the bullshit…Hell no… I hate it…I hate feeling like less then I am…I hate the mind trips…I hate hot n cold…I hate feeling like I’m not standing on a firm foundation when it comes to *US*…I hate feeling second I’m never going to be good enough…like I’m thirsty for his attention…I hate all of it…but I’m connected…bound…bonded…like im brain washed! So the only thing con clad I can come up with is this…WE R TIED BY OUR SOULS! Maybe that’s a cop out…an excuse but it’s the only fucking thing I can come up with! Except the sex part…yah…thats shit most times too! 

So that’s it…that’s my excuse…I’m soul tied to this M Effer! 

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October 26, 2018

I know what you mean and I agree, it’s like a pull to that person that you can’t walk away permanently from them. Maybe it’s one of those in another life kind of thing, I don’t know.