It just gets better…

Sister-in-law made a comment that had me shaking with mirth.  She is mad at the hospital where her husband was brought when he was found non-responsive (i.e. dead) at home.  After pronouncing him, they said they needed her to arrange removal of the body by the funeral home ASAP, because his body was too big to fit into the coolers in their morgue.  In her words, she wants to give them, “a piece of her mind”.  (Not much to spare, so my suggestion is she goes easy on them.)

She lived in denial, at best admitting that he was a, “big guy”.  I reviewed the documentation from the hospital for them, and his weight was noted as 172KG, or 380LB.  That’s two of me! Far from Big Guy status, this is high-risk morbid obesity territory.  It says much that given his situation, the coroner didn’t even bother requesting an autopsy.

I hope they budgeted hernia repair for the poor sods who will serve as pallbearers.  Or maybe this can be a Forklift Funeral?

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January 11, 2018

She definitely doesn’t have the brains to spare.