Current state

Money is the only reason I’m working at my job. How does that make you feel Father? Probably makes You feel like I’m only holding myself from the many blessings that I could experience at the school. Ok so what experiences could I possibly be missing out on? There’s an Asian girl who seems friendly but I don’t really see how we could become friends…same with the secretary of the assistant principal…both girls I could be friends with but the schedule won’t allow. Actually there’s a woman who’s very sweet to me that I could be friends with. I don’t know how to relate to her though. Here’s what unknown so far: 1. Same height 2. Works in tech 3. Has a son that attends the high school across the street who did a musical recently 4. Carries Kit Kat & Reese’s in her pocket 5. Makes Mexican food to sell but gave to me for free…I have women co workers that I could be friends with but I can’t relate. One of them is super religious & it makes me uncomfortable. The other is a gossip queen but I realize she did me a favor today. She helped me unknowingly and I want to repay her. Gosh I don’t know. Granola bars …sweet dreams

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