I’m grateful

It’s early.  I can hear my grumbly bear making wake up sounds.  ;0)

I woke up barely hurting this morning–but i’ve continued to take my new med, decadron.  It can cause anxiety attacks, sure, but i can walk without hobbling or my knees giving out.

I went to the dr again Wednesday and after actually SEEING and talking to the doc this time and Cliff going with, we got a bunch of questions answered.  I asked if my whole body SHOULD be hurting like a giant toothache and Doc, unhesitantly, replied, "Yes."  But, it’s what he did next…prerscribed the decadron…and told me that’d help out till surgery on Oct 11.

Decardron is a chemo drug, also used for other things such as arthritus, to help calm inflamation and pain.  It’s also the first thing anybody’s prescribed me in over two years that’s even touched the pain of this sciatic nerve.  Thank You, Lord.  Miracle!!!

Gotta get up and move a bit–not ALL of the pain and stiffness are gone, but it’s bearable.  And for that, i’m grateful!!  Blessed be!!

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