Snow Day

Today is my last day before flying to London tomorrow, and what happens but a winter storm. I have a snow day today, which means that I literally have all day to prepare as much as I want. How amazing—I’ve been so worried about getting everything done and now I get such a blessing. I just hope that it doesn’t result in my flight getting delayed, but it’s supposed to stop snowing well before then.

My floor is currently littered with potential outfit combinations. I’m trying to find a balance between looking as cute as possible while simultaneously packing as little as possible. We’ll see, but I’m really hoping to avoid checking a bag. Is that unreasonable for a 10-day trip?

In other news, I’ve been highly productive this week (planning to go off the grid for a Europe trip will do that, apparently) and yesterday I applied to eight different English Department awards and five different internships! I’m not sure what will come of them, so I’m banking on the law of large numbers to help me out here. Why aren’t I this productive all of the time? It feels amazing. I’ve yet to decide whether it feels more amazing then lying around doing nothing all day….it’s a close one.

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March 10, 2022

I wish I was flying to London, I miss it there. I am flying out on Sat to FL Woot Woot!

Safe travels….

March 10, 2022

@mermywinchester Have you been to London before?? Any recommendations for what to do? It’s my first time and I feel like there are a million things…

Safe travels to you too!! Florida sounds fun, is it a spring break trip?

March 11, 2022

@booklover613 I am not in school anymore. I went to Ohio State for Teaching now I live in UT . I am just going to see my little sister. I’ve been to London 2 times and Bath once. Stay away from street trucks and carts…..I joined a tour group in the mornings and then went on my own in the afternoon. The art is great and take lots of pictures because the flowers are so pretty…and always take an umbrella you never know if it’s going to rain even if the weathers not calling got it….Have fun….