April 6th – 2020

Dear reader,

Its april. The month of rain. I find rain to be very relaxing. The noise on the school rooftops, and the wet drops racing down the windows. The exact smell that fills your nostrils every time you step out the doors. I like the cold rainy days. A light jacket and umbrella that collects the water while the sound echoes through you. As a kid i would watch the droplets slide down, hoping that certain one wins. I wish i had a window in my room. I have a very small one above my bed, it’s useless. Filled with cobwebs and sad spiders. The view is the side of my house. Piles of wood and useless junk.

Im currently in English class. Its one of my favorite classes because i really enjoy writing essays. We are finishing up the movie West Side Story. I don’t really like musicals. I find them to be corny and boring. A bunch of people singing and dancing with loads of autotune. Just because you can act doesn’t mean you can sing. And don’t get me started on dance-fighting. Even worse.

Yesterday i went to a thrift store. Goodwill. It’s not my favorite place but they had very good books. I got 5 for like Six dollars. I got the classic Dracula, which i’m very excited to read. I got Silent Patient which i have been wanting to read for a while, and it was only 99 cents. I found another book i seen on tiktok, The girl on the Train, it seems very interesting and again only 99 cents. Of course there was twilight books, so i got The second life of Bree Tanner, which i didn’t have. And last i found a hardback of Wonder, i got it because i remember reading it in some past grade and it was pretty good. I would say it was a good trip, i found cheap books which is always up my alley. Quick update – I’ve been reading my current book and its getting more and more interesting! Stay tuned for my thoughts and opinions.

I have 6 dollars in my wallet. I’m not sure what to buy. Its very hard to decide. I have been thinking of buying a used copy of Perks of Being a Wallflower, because its my favorite book. I read it on my phone but i just wanna be able to hold it and annotate the whole thing. I have a big obsession with it. It makes me cry in a good way. Or i might go to walmart and buy a good sized notebook for poems and such. Don’t worry, i’m not gonna ditch this site, i like it. I will probably post more poems or short stories. I will try my best to write little life updates. I have a very boring life so it won’t be all the time. Other than that i will just write down my thoughts. Like, can we talk about Amusement parks? You wait in a long line for a choppy ride that will end in 10 seconds. Screaming kids? Crying for mommy and daddy to buy them a overpriced ice cream cone. Food stands? Hotdogs and Hamburgers cost 10 dollars just for it to get spit on. Disgraceful.

I don’t feel like writing anymore.

Talk Later, Sandy

P.S – My comfort food is mac and cheese with hot dogs…


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