Thursday, March 31 – 2022

Dear reader,


I’m sitting in seminar, and writing because i have nothing better to do. I started a new book today. I already finished “the perks of being a wallflower”, i think it’s my favorite book now. I also watched the movie yesterday. Cried my eyes out. I love Charlie so much. He speaks to me so deeply. I know that’s corny but its true. If you’ve never read/watched it, please do. Its a very interesting book/movie. Warning because you will probably cry.

The book im currently reading is one i borrowed from my sister. Its pretty popular. “The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is the name. Im already on page 30 and its getting interesting. I’ve been reading a lot more lately. I have read 5 whole books in March. I’m pretty happy about that. My favorite was “POBAW’ but “Love and other words” was very good! I wish i could find a person like that one day. It makes me sad. But i really enjoy romances. Probably because it fills my gaping hole. Bella who?

I haven’t been very happy about anything else. A lot of people have problems with people liking them. I also relate but its more than that. The most important thing is liking myself. Its not easiest thing. I heavily envy people who do. How does it feel? Im not sure.

My mom knows about me not going to gym. I hate that i never go. But i cant help it. Its very hard to be there. Its not about the fitness part. Its the finding groups to be in and having to play shit with people i dont know. I dont have any friends in that class. I actually dont have any in ANY class, so. Double homicide. 👍

I turned in my essay for english yesterday. I felt like it was very good. It was on Romeo and Juliet. Not really a big fan but its okay i guess. I also had a test in history. IT SUCKED. I barely knew the questions so i had to use google and they had like no info. I really hate high school. Its not a rare thought. Lot’s of people hate it. But i hate it even more than that. I just want to move away and adopt old cats or any old animal. I want to give them a home.

I want to live in Colorado. I hate where i live. There’s no mountains, no oceans, nothing. Its smack in the middle of the US. The only thing good about this place is its “good for families”. I dont want one. I dont want the white picket fence. Maybe a significant other would be nice. Im just not sure about kids. They are pretty annoying. I get frustrated easily. So, not the best idea.

Well my class is almost over so, im gonna end this here. 💓

Talk soon, Sandy



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