Letter to his soul- m.

I never regret the lessons that I learn from the men that I meet. And I also don’t wanna feel sorry for myself because I don’t want those hard lessons to go to waste. The best lesson is to always apply the knowledge you learned the hard way. That way it’s not time wasted. That way my suffering was for a bigger cause.

💌A letter to his soul;

I’m grateful that I met you because you’ve shown me parts of myself that only you were able to show me. You’ve shown me to not degrade myself over a man. You’ve shown me to never lose sight of my values when it comes to relationships. To never lose myself and to never lose my voice in order to keep a relationship. You’ve taught me that if it’s painful then I should leave. You’ve shown me that the butterflies in my stomach were a warning sign for a psychopath. You’ve shown me that if I feel fear in a man’s presence then it means he’s violent and that he hates women. And above all, you’ve shown me to leave a relationship if it doesn’t feel right, if it feels like the amount of effort being made is not amounting to any progress. If it feels like the trust we build from the days before has gone to waste and every day is like a new audition to prove my love. How can you build foundation based on that? I’m not apologizing any longer for a dynamic I don’t want in my life. If I feel worse around you, then you gotta go. And it’s ok to ghost people who keep disrespecting you, you don’t owe them shit. Because they will never value you to begin with and they will abuse you 💯. It was the hardest lesson to learn and also it was the shortest amount of time it took to learn a lesson the hard way. I wish for you to find a girl that will give you what you’re looking for. I know our souls met for a greater purpose. And I know that you were the best teacher to deliver this lesson. I will cherish you in my spirit. Thank you for the soul lesson. And I wish you good things on your journey.

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