Relationship RED Flags – Pluto version

  1. Poor Communicator-🕵 📞they keep a lot of secrets and can’t tell you what they feel, maybe you think it’s a shyness problem so you try to figure out their feelings for them. Are you a problem solver? Like to solve mysteries? This one’s for you. Down the line when shit hits the fan and the only way out is through solid communication; don’t expect this person to actively participate. Don’t rely on them to be straight up or even honest! They use their shady communication as a way to control you, as a way to make you act a certain way, to think certain things. To even prevent you from telling them “Bye!” for good. After all, who likes leaving a relationship when there are so many unanswered questions.
  2. Resentment- 😡this person doesn’t know who to process their feelings in a healthy way; they hold on to this from wayyyy back from their relationships all the way back to their childhoods. They hold you accountable for their past partners; if they got cheated on, they will NOT trust you, they will blow up over the little things to start dumb fights. He’s nice one minute and then BOOM explodes the next. All it takes is one word for them to fly up. This person can hold a grudge for many many years.
  3. Discontent😭- they’re unhappy all the time, nothing is ever good enough, always that dark cloud hanging over them. No amount of reassurance is gonna make them feel good. They will always find something to complain about. Once the honey phase is over in the relationship; that dark cloud is gonna move over to your head. “You’re wearing that? Really?” You might change their outlook for a short time but it’s not gonna last. You can stay a casual acquaintance to someone like this but once you become close to them, they become a vampire that will suck the life outta you.
  4. People Pleaser🐕- these are the people who say Yes because they’re afraid to say No. You’re not gonna trust somebody who says Yes all the time. Because he won’t be able to say No to the other people in his life. “I don’t know what happened, I just had a couple of drinks and then all of a sudden I got naked.” They have no boundaries and no backbone.
  5. Their Last Relationship is Too Close to Yours⏳- they haven’t dealt with their shit. They don’t know how to have deeper forms of relationships, they only know how to stay on the surface of the relationship. They will dip as soon as it gets too emotionally close and you will need emotional responsibility from them.  This is NOT your Ride or Die person!!! 🏍
  6. Broken Promises⚔☠- they will always have a good excuse, you can’t rely on this person to be there when you have a crisis.
  7. They Put You on a Pedestal👠- what’s so bad about that? Don’t we love it when people elevate us? What did I ever do to deserve this 5-star treatment? Where did you come from? Finally, I found a great guy! This person does not see the authentic you, you are their projection. They have a perfect person in their head and they project that onto you. When you shatter that image by being a real person, they can’t handle it. All of a sudden you’re trash to them. Your five-star treatment goes South. When they start to see the real you, they get angry!!!! Better fuckin duck. And watch those sabotaging bomb games begin to unleash themselves.
  8. They’re Isolating and Controlling🃏- they make you feel bad when you hang out with friends, they wanna cut you off from people that are closest to you. “You dont need them, here’s a list of what’s wrong with this and that friend.” They cut off supportive people out of your life. Now you don’t have anyone else, you only have them.  “Where you going? How long you gonna be gone for? Why do you need to do that?”
  9. They Have No Friends👯- “I don’t need friends, I like my own company” They’re trying to make it look so sexy! Most likely they don’t’ trust anyone or emotionally disturbed and nobody can fuckin stand them. This person will wanna be with you all the time! and you will feel so drained filling all their needs.
  10. Blames You for How they Feel🚧😖- “It’s your fault I’m pissed now,” they put the responsibility on you for how they feel. This causes great stress and great anxiety all the time. This is the person who will put a lot of pressure on you. There’s a lot of fear attached to this. What if they leave me when I stop making them happy? This one involves a lot of Shame; There’s something wrong with me if he’s not happy. This relationship will have toxic codependency and it will become too addicting to leave.
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