Dentist & Questions!!

So yesterday I went to the dentist to get a check up and possible fillings if I needed any… I figured I might need a filling or 2 cause a couple of my front teeth were bugging me… Not hurting me… Just bugging me… Like they didn’t feel completely right… I always expect to have to have some sort of work done cause my teeth are all basically fucked in some way or the other cause I was homeless from the age 15 til the age 19 which did A LOT of damage to my teeth and plus I am fighting against the fact that bad teeth runs in my family… It doesn’t seem to matter how well we take care of our teeth pretty much everyone in my family around 40-50 years of age ends up getting dentures… I am 36… Regardless I was not expecting the results I got yesterday from the 18 X-Rays they took of my teeth…

The dentist came strolling in and informed me that I need 8 crowns… All my front teeth… This was shocking to me cause to look at my front teeth you cannot see any damage or cavities… She explained to me that the reason I need 8 crowns is because I have cavities underneath my fillings (I have multiple fillings in ALL my teeth)… Because of the location of these cavities and the fact they are under large fillings there is no way she can get a proper seal with just doing a filling… So they need to replace all of it with crowns… All this is after I get a cleaning done cause she wants my gums nice and healthy when she puts in the crowns… I always avoided cleanings cause they hurt like hell cause my teeth are VERY sensitive from all the fillings that I have… I also need to bring my partial denture in to her (cause I never wear it cause it pinches and hurts really bad) so that she can adjust it to where I can wear it… It’s just a 2 teeth partial for my lower left side cause I lost 2 molars due to fillings falling out or cracking a filling on my tongue ring before I switched to plastic tongue rings…

This is all unsettling to me cause it feels like I am fighting a losing battle with my teeth… I been undergoing major dental work for over 10 years and it seems to keep adding up… Like the more I fix the more I still need to fix… But I am trying my best to avoid having to get full dentures… Especially at my age… Anyways I have to have the dentist send in approval for all 8 crowns into my insurance (which will take about 2 weeks) and then it will take 2-3 visits to do all 8 crowns… But they did tell me as long as I take good care of my crowns they should last me a very long time and they will greatly improve the appearance of my smile (not that it’s bad now it’s just you can tell I have had dental work and my teeth are a bit crooked)

I do realize that some day I will end up with dentures… It’s genetic… But I am going to fight it as long as I can…

*Side Note*

I was thinking about something and decided I would do this… A good way for all of you to get to know me better…

You all can post a note asking me a question… Any question you want… As many as you like… I then will take all your questions and post an entry answering them all…

So have at it… Ask away!!

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February 18, 2018

I’m surprised they haven’t suggested dentures, both my kids have bad teeth sadly, their father and I take decent care of ours and it seems like they never caught on,

so you mentioned you were homeless, can I ask how come?

Have a great Sunday!

February 18, 2018

@thesunnyabyss I was homeless cause my mother and I couldn’t get along… I hated my stepdaughter and he hated me… She eventually told me I had to go… I had no where to go… So I became homeless…

February 20, 2018

That was suppose to say step-father not step-daughter lmao I was on my phone when I wrote it… Auto-correct must have nailed me or something

February 18, 2018

Fillings in my front teeth led to my never smiling very much. They were ugly and I was embarrassed. So I had the old fashioned crowns with metal underneath put on five of my front teeth. They lasted about 30 years, and were replaced only because my gums had receded just a little bit, and the metal started to show. If I hadn’t been so vain, they would have lasted the rest of my life. So I had them replaced with all porcelain crowns. They are absolutely beautiful. It’s expensive, but so worth doing. Good luck!

February 18, 2018

@bj the note count counts my replies to the notes as well which is why it says 2 when there was only one

February 18, 2018

@bj my replies might be private to the public cause what I see on my screen matches the count… nothing is marked private on my end… I am not sure…

February 18, 2018

I wish I could say I don’t empathize. (And wonder if some of it is a side effect of another condition where my body is consuming parts of itself…..)

I have one implant, which is connected to a crown on adjacent tooth. Works like a charm, though getting it wasn’t particularly pleasant. Has the dentist mentioned anything with implants to you? The cost is coming down pretty substantially.

I’m also slightly excited about ongoing work with stem cells. Sure, extractions will still be unpleasant, but having a new real tooth would be awesome.

February 19, 2018

@control-h I can’t afford the crowns without insurance so I doubt I will be able to afford implants… plus I have long roots so extractions are horrible and almost jaw breaking… 🙁

February 19, 2018

That’s alot of work but I think your mouth will feel betted once done.

February 19, 2018

@wasdazeddahlia I sure hope so… I been fighting dental issues for so long I am not sure what normal feels like lol