a truly classy woman… who is not me….

I’m truly a skank.


I was walking around for most of the day with two huge hickeys on my neck.

Now I’m a dirty girl and I love them… but normally when I go out in public i try to cover them up so i don’t look too crazy.

so here’s the picture.

Me … walking through Wal Mart in my sweat pants… buying condoms.

yep. I’m what you call a truly classy lady.

oh, and more fun stuff for today… remember my lost atm card? so i was using the card they told me to use.

it was linked to the wrong account. stupid bitch didn’t pay attention to what account she was linking it to. stupid crazy lunatic.

i have 7 over draft charges.

and by all that is holy, washington mutual better refund that shit or i’m gonna lose my fucking mind.

thank you for playing.



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November 18, 2006

thats gotta suck!

tell ya what. i used to work at a high school imagine hickeys the size of 2 quarters on ones neck when you go into work at a high school.. hahahaahahaha. best of luck with the money thing. poke it. Chris

November 18, 2006

i hate when guys give hickeys in the wrong places… i.e. the neck!

oh dear god.. they better refund.

November 19, 2006

sounds like a shit day!

November 19, 2006

AHHAHAHAH,at least you were wearing sweat pants in walmart, and not a mini skirt!!

November 19, 2006

Classy baby CLASSY! *giggles* I loveeeeeeeee ya! PS – Stay on their shit and make them fix it!!

November 19, 2006

add to that a cucumber and tube of ky. mmm sexy. nothing spells classy more than fornication with vegitation.

November 20, 2006

i hope they refunded!!!! they better!