A Beautiful Day!

Finally, we are having a day here in the Upper Ohio Valley, with abundant sunshine, which is helping to boost the temperature. There were four of us, outside talking, joking and having a great time. It started to get a little to chilly, after being out there for about 10 minutes, so we went back inside. I live in low-income senior housing. I have lived here for going on 19 years. I basically like it, but I had to learn to stay away from people that will try to suck you into their drama.

My sister and her friend were supposed to come up to visit, today but my sister became ill. She lives down in Wheeling. I have four sisters. My youngest sister died of cervical cancer at age 46. I miss her terribly. We were so close. She was four years younger than me. I have three older sisters. Two of them are awesome to me. They have improved my quality of life, immensely in many different ways. I do not hear from the remaining sister. Long story. Anyway, you have to be grateful for the people whom do wish to be a part of your life. I am truly blessed.

Monday, I have to go for my Vitamin B12 injection. I will catch an early bus up to the hospital on Monday morning. I also put in a work order for something that needs fixed in my apartment. I will need to get up very, very early Monday morning. Wednesday, I will have a telemedicine appointment with my therapist. I love having her for my therapist. She is great! I also talk to my nurse practitioner that prescribes my psychiatric medications via telemedicine. She, too is awesome. I may be getting a homecare aide, soon. I am waiting to hear back from them. I need to schedule a mammogram, this week. It is overdue. Next month, I see my primary care physician, a doctor for my sleep disorder, my neurologist and my cardiologist. I will need to get a Vitamin B12 injection, next month as well.

I cannot complain. Things seem a lot better since my good friend apologized to me, today. That is another long story. I have a loved one in a nursing home. I miss him and worry about him. The nursing home is not adjacent to where I live. Presently, he is voicing complaints of not wanting to eat. That is a big worry. I would hate to see him have to go on nasogastric feedings. Perhaps they will add Ensure as a nutritional supplement.

I came over here from ProseBox. I am a diarist on both sites. There are a lot of nice diarists on the other site, that have left comments for me consisting of words of encouragement, endearment and constructive feedback. I have many caring and commited friends on PB, and hope to make many friends on here as well. Take care.



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January 9, 2022

I’m glad you are having a good day b

January 9, 2022

@bear70 thank you

January 9, 2022

Glad you are here CC

January 9, 2022

@bronner thank you