Better as the Day Goes by…

From the get-go, I suppose my day could have started out better. My anxiety was through the roof before I even got out of bed at 5:30am. I knew that I was going to have a big agenda, for today. I curtailed it somewhat. I had extra household chores, this morning. I worry about getting up and waking the neighbors. I was expecting a new caregiver, today. I wanted my apartment to look fairly presentable, as opposed to her having to walk in on a big mess! After coffee and meds, I managed to pull it off. I still felt extremely anxious. I phoned my daughter to cancel the 1:30 pm shopping trip. It is possible that the extreme anxiety manifested itself in inflammation in my knees and lower extremities, along with gastrointestinal symptoms, in this case queasiness. My caregiver arrived, later on. I think we hit it off fairly well. She helped me out, a lot. She will be here 2 hours per day, 5 days per week. I finally have the assistance of a caregiver. 🙂

At the moment, I feel relatively calm. I posted one of my poems on the other diary site. I will try to post it on here, sometime. I like to watch Dr. Phil. It comes on at 3pm, Eastern Time. After that, I normally have an early supper, nothing elaborate. I heated up one of those microwavable Compleats meals in the microwave for 1 minute. That is all it takes to heat it up. I had chicken, stuffing and gravy. It was very good. I usually watch the news, at 5pm and chill out the rest of the evening, and go to bed early.

Wednesday morning, a little after 4 am, someone tried to break into my apartment. It was freaky as all get out. Thank God I make certain that my door is locked, at bedtime. I told my landlord about it. He asked me if I called the cops. These apartments have deadbolt locks, thank goodness.

That is about it.

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January 13, 2022

I’m glad nobody got into your apartment. Also glad you finally got the help you need! I love you very much

January 13, 2022

Bear70, thank you for your comment. Yes, it is great to finally have gotten a caregiver. 🙂 I love you as well. <3