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It’s Been quite a busy day… several days… I don’t always get to writing every day.  Not like when I was on here before, where I would often write an entry every single day (today’s entry title is brought to you by Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 btw… it’s on USA right now and Groot is awesome and no one can convince me otherwise)….

I promised you pictures of our front yard landscaping first and foremost and we did get it all finished and it looks beautiful if I do not say so myself…. and since I have dinner cooking (Spicy Meatloaf with a side of sweet potato tots…another WW recipe and it’s so yummy the whole family *all three of us* love it)… it has a bit of a bite to it but it has a lot of flavor and yeah adding the cremini mushrooms (baby Bella mushrooms) sounds weird but you do not tastes them or detect them because I use a food processor to chop them up and they reduce right down in the pan.  Back to point the yard…


I tried to get all angles so you could see the entire work… in the front we have three red knock out roses and front of those three dwarf ground cover pink roses.. on the side yard along the house are three canna lilies… alternating black, pink and black… then in the corner are two azalea bushes… I do not remember the color of the smaller one, I think it blooms in the fall and the bigger one is obviously red.. azaleas are big around here…they have an azalea festival every year… I think 2 years ago Snoop Dogg was a guest…. I don’t think it was last year… I’m not sure what kind of bushes the yellow and green ones are…. the tree is a cherry tree and sadly it is not doing well…Can you see my little metal dog … it’s a solar light… and in the opposite corner is a piece of drift wood tree root we found on the beach.  I have a shit ton of shells in the house.


All the pine trees in the back are NOT in my yard (thank God… if any of those go in a hurricane they are not my liability)!

We also went to get my wedding and engagement ring looked at… we are going to get it remade since they don’t fit anymore… and I had a clever idea when we got home that I hope works.. we have my husband’s grandmother’s engagement ring setting… it doesn’t fit my engagement ring but I’m wondering if we can get it to work with my various other diamonds… we shall see.  But it’s costly so it’ll have to be saved for so in lieu of that my husband got me an early birthday present… wanna see?

It’s sapphire and diamonds on my right hand… It’s dainty but beautiful and I love it.  That’s not my only birthday present mind you but he got me that and let me get a few things at Bath and Body works… I haven’t bought anything there in forever!


I’m currently wearing a replacement wedding set that is inexpensive because of my weight loss…. we’ve had to replace the bands three times … I’m currently wearing a size 7.

But I have to check the meatloaf and start the tots….. I’m pretty sure it’s been about 20 minutes…

Got the tots in… so let me continue…

Last night we had a little bonfire and roasted some marshmallows and just chilled with some music… pretty sure we irritated our neighbor (whom we lovingly refer to as RBF …. do I need to breakdown the acronym?…. Resting Bitch Face … why…. it’s self explanatory … seriously… she has perpetually has resting bitch face and quite frankly she is a bitch)… and the ever since she moved in she hasn’t spoken a word to us and her dogs are as aggressive as shit and bark all the time… she would make snide comments on the phone about how aggressive my dog is.. which pissed me off… cause frankly my dog is a fucking pussy who is scared of a pussy.

I mean he isn’t scared of the cat but he is intimidated by the damn cat.  If the cat goes near his food bowl he walks away from it.. I have a damn video of it.. though apparently not on my computer or cloud… I checked.  It happens every single the point whereby Tigger doesn’t even eat breakfast till after 11 now cause the cat insists that Tigger’s face must be washed while he eats.  That is not an aggressive dog….and yeah I’m a dog owner who gets pissed when you insult my fur baby, don’t blame your dogs’ dysfunctions on my baby.  Every single time I even slide open the back slider her dogs go nuts…. sometimes making me jump if I’m not expecting it.  Fucking bitch.

She has shower curtains up around her patio…fucking shower curtains…. she supposedly got permission from the HOA… called them “privacy tapestries”…. they are fucking shower curtains…. and they are hideous to look at… we actually complained… and nothing.  She is a fucking renter and the home owner is a jackass… I hated him too … he smoked smell ass cigars and would always stand up and look over the fence and mind you it’s a 6 foot privacy fence but this lady is batshit.  Full on guano…. she has “hidden” cameras all over the yard in fake bird houses…. 5 of the them in the backyard and three in the front on the porch.  two in windows and one in a fake birdhouse….I mean what the serious fuck is wrong with this lady.

Yet the home owner when he signed the lease with her called her “the perfect tenant”… MY ASS.

No such thing my man.  She is a loony….total bat shit…. and you can see just through the fence slats and I got the great displeasure once when I was in the back yard of seeing her 50 some odd year ass in a tiny bikini last summer…. please give me acid for my eyeballs…cause she bent over just as I was picking up dog shit by the fence. I don’t know if she did it on purpose of what.

My other neighbor who had a sick cat (she had three cats she left outdoors also against the HOA covenants)… it had a severe ulcer on its side and had it for at least 5-6 months… and it never healed… and she was also just losing weight… well the other day it was raining and the cat was just walking circles and falling over so we let them know and they took her inside and they took her to the vet yesterday and had her put down.. the poor thing.. it suffered way longer than it had to.  Way longer

But dinner is nearly done… it truly now is time to go… enough bitching about my neighbors.  This is why I prefer animals over people.  People are fucking fucked at times…. so are animals but they are straight forward about it.. okay RBF is pretty straight forward about it.. you can read it right on her face…. I’ll give her that much.

I do have one decent neighbor though…she just moved in next door and she is an absolute sweetheart…. she just adopted a sweet little 5 year old doggo and named him Jasper.  We’ve had a couple few conversations and they’ve gone well…. and an elderly couple who walks all the time… they are pretty decent folk also…but suburbia can be hell… there is an older man that rides around on a mobility scooter writing own house numbers to call the HOA on…. I mean Jesus fuck dude… do you have a life.. I’m not that petty.  I only reported RBF cause I have to look at those hideous shower curtains every God damn day.  But this dude rides around the neighborhood writing down lists about mailboxes that have decor on them and all kinds of shit….. we’ve heard him talking.. yeah I have time too but I mind my own.  Yeah my neighbor across the street almost never trims his bushes but let the HOA do their job when they drive through… fuck dude.

Back to life folks…dinner is almost finished… Enjoy the rest of your Saturday and keep it real….


Until next time.



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