OH MY GOD!!!!!

So I’m just trying to relax… it’s my birthday.. it’s bad enough I had to drive over to the VA and get a pre-dental covid test on my birthday… so I had to do a shorter 30 minute yoga exercise this morning… but I thought I was going to have a nice chill morning/afternoon.. play a little Animal Crossing while my husband did a pre rinse of the house before we get it pressure washed tomorrow… and then …


I hear yelling outside and I’m like what in the mother fucking hell is going on.. I knew where it was coming from… the crazy loco bitch next door that I mentioned in my previous entry… the one with numerous cameras in her backyard and three on the porch.  Which is why we do not go anywhere near her yard.  Jesus H Christ.  Her complaint.. my husband needs to set the sprinkler better so zero water gets into her yard… we have one of those back and forth sprinklers you used to hop over as a kid and he is very careful to set it so none of it gets into her yard after she complained to her landlord last year about the oscillating one getting all the electronics on her patio wet.. why she left electronics on her patio is beyond me…. he has it set to only get into our yard but there is very little space between yards here okay…and this bitch is absolutely batshit crazy…

So I come outside and immediately say what in the hell is going on.  She tells me my husband needs to stop stalking her….WHOA!  Immediate escalation…”What in the hell are you talking about bitch”… she whips out her cell phone and starts recording video… … ‘Karen Alert…’


And she keeps recording and I start cussing her out cause she done pissed me off at this point…starts saying we have been trespassing in her yard… (Uh no… and I know damn straight we having.. my husband has walked down the sidewalk a couple of times…. and maybe cut across the bottom of the grass near the driveway to take the trashcan of the elderly neighbor next to her back to her house for HER which she doesn’t mind… but that was IT)… I told her she needs to shut up and so does her loud ass barking out of control dogs she huffs she says they aren’t out of control they are “alert dogs”… no… they are aggressive dogs you stupid bitch…. they bark at anything that moves…. I open the slider they bark and you rush to get them under control and can’t.  She starts saying she has friends in the police and courts and can have us tied up in the court system for years…. and then yells at me as she pulls into her driveway to get a job… and before she shuts the door I yell back… “I’m a disabled veteran you stupid bitch”…


Cause I am.


I’m shaking… my heart feels like it is racing and I am livid and my husband is beyond livid.. How the fuck is she going to react when they pressure wash the house tomorrow.. and then just now there was an insurance adjuster walking in her yard…. bet that made her lose her mind I hollered at the lady be careful about walking in that yard the woman that lives there will flip out….


Oh and she claims we have called her landlord 9 times to complain about her… we haven’t spoken to her landlord in over a year… cause frankly we don’t give a shit anymore.  And apparently she has been written up by the HOA too but sorry chicka… I haven’t done that either there is a guy that rides around on a mobility scooter who is jotting down everything about every house… take up your complaint with Jimbo…


But back the fuck off bitch.  Seriously do not piss me off on my god damn birthday.  She was like “Go ahead while you are at it and go through my trash!” What the fuck bitch?  Are you fucking crazy?  We aren’t stalking you I couldn’t give a rat’s ass what the hell you have going on … we know you have cameras everywhere why the hell would we even step foot on your god damn property.. Do we look like dumbasses and now you are threatening to call the cops on us for water?



Cause right now the wind is blowing about 20 mph…. so I can’t control which way the wind blows the god damn water.  Jesus Christ lady and she tried to say my husband started it she walked onto MY property and started yelling at MY husband … and he was like speaking of which, get off my god damn property.


I walked out at the same time and that’s also when she pulled out her stupid phone and started recording…. What the serious fuck?


And the landlord labeled her the “perfect tenant”. MY FUCKING ASS.


This woman is the neighbor from hell.  She walks around with resting bitch face… the neighbors all talk shit about her… her yard looks like shit… her back yard which I can see through my privacy fence has those plastic bins all over it… she is totally fucking crazy and it wasn’t like we were looking for a god damn confrontation… she came over to our property and started shit…. over water.  Fucking water.  Like okay…. we can’t water our yard cause the wind might blow the water over the fucking fence… What the serious fuck…. our other neighbor doesn’t complain, doesn’t care and in fact is actually fond of us….so are the ones that walk the neighborhood and stop to talk to us…. and they think its crazy the cameras she has on the front porch….

Three fucking cameras…. I have one.. it’s ring doorbell.


That’s it…. She has at least 3 in the back yard…. you can see them through the slats in the fence… and the other neighbor, the elderly one thought they were birdhouses and peeked to see and told us about the other ones….  is she also stalking her?


God this woman is paranoid?  Maybe its the weed she’s been smoking.. yeah we smelled that too and we when we did we didn’t realize she was outside cause the lights were off and we asked each other if we smelled weed… maybe that’s also why she’s pissed?


But to tell me to get a job… what the fuck lady… you can just piss off… I served my God damn country you horse faced bitch.  And now you are going to get all Karen on me.  Oh hell no… see I used to be all non confrontational… but Corona has got me to a point where I don’t really give a shit and she already has pissed me off enough times when she was bad mouthing my god damn dog… and now her dogs are “alert dogs” no they are fucking not…. they are aggressive out of control dogs and you can’t even get them to quiet down on command… alert dogs would have training… my dog is trained.. I tell him to do something, he does it.   You have to repeatedly try to tell your dogs to shut up and they don’t.  Cause you are an aggressive cunt bitch and so are they (yeah I said cunt… she pissed me off)…..

You are going to go off on my husband over water and then try to tell me we are stalking your ugly ass…. and ask if we want to go through your trash next what the hell?


If you hate living this close to people then fucking MOVE! It’s a rental.


Rant over… I need to calm down….It’s my damn birthday for God’s sake.

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