The Frost Legacy

Hopefully the images will not be wonky… here goes nothing!

This is Emily Frost.  She is a family sim, likes hard workers and custom hair and dislikes makeup.

This guy looks like Mark Hoppus in What’s My Age Again?

Don’t you think??

Blink boy says yo.

Things got a little serious! LOL But, I wasn’t having it. That nose wasn’t going to be in my legacy…

Nope. I’d rather have Crumplebottom as the baby mama. I’m weird, I know..

I don’t know why she is proposing, but she was heartfarting over Gilbert Jacquet… so…. yeah.

Gil and Emily: Magoyo.. (which I think means, I do)

STOP. Baby tiems…

So, the first baby is born (I boolpropped Em with Mrs. C if you remember??)

Florence… AND look!!!

I got my skull & crossbones baby gear back!! Woohoo!!!

That’s all for now. If the pix don’t show I will have them on my Blogspot.


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