I just went and met my friend R for lunch- this is the most normal I’ve felt for weeks, months even. The cafe just up from my flat has reopened for take away and so we went and got an iced coffee, and I had a fish-finger sandwich and she had a piri-piri chicken one, and we were able to sit on a little bench outside and eat them and just chat. It really did feel so very nice, to sit in the relative sunshine and have a normal lunch date.

She’s started running in the last year or so, and is up to doing 10 mile routes now, which I said to her is so inspiring but also makes me want to throw things at her. She gets up at 7 or 8 and goes out and does her run in the morning. This is literally like my life-goal at the moment. If I were able to do this on a regular basis, I’d be made up. I keep jumping back and forth between trying to get up at a decent time- setting my alarm and trying to get up, to then deciding that I don’t need to get up early to achieve the things I want to achieve. I can get up at 12, 1pm and still do some writing, I can still achieve the things I want to each day, regardless of the time I get up.

Anyway, not much chat in me today. I might write more later 🙂


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