morning for now

Only a bit sweat body alright no power need more rest I think. I’m still not sure keep sleep or awake, dinner gathering is tomorrow. I can’t be there if still not well tomorrow. I don’t have plan go out today nor do in the room. How’s you?I’ll write more.did you have phone plan now?you know you can call me anytime. I expect this from you as well. I have works with your passport, check if you can otherwise just while here is cool I just need solid.

calendar I bought and MIF that cracked me up, you too?the food and movie notebook as well.

room, what you think?might not be able to see the size, so I have next pic.

this is the calendar and room, so you know how big this is. one more screenshot for room, you can see better from and I just found out cheaper purchase from internet vent 🙁

the second Denim was what I was gonna buy for cover but inside is not Denim so I decide not to buy this.

I was ginna check maybe Nov or Dec I coukd start new calendar for 2019. Fiubd out both calendar I bought all start from Jan 2019 exactky sharp. I’ll have to use when next year cone. excited YA!there’s pads haven’t show you. I’ll work on that now.
this is pads.

do you mind let him know my current tweet and phone number ways to contact all my info?are you in touch with him already?I have iphone for previous tweet and out if bat I’m charging now.

check hospital, he’s in one of the hospital ASAP.

do you read?you alright?hang in there k?wanna luve is impirtant. I still look forward to talk to you.

I have from you break up for now. Just double check thats from you. He seems a bit weak though. have him eat and healthy. I’ll keep check. Also, there still left over nemo need police check with police as soon as safe.

thats why doube checked 🙂 you know him?this is who I’ve been mentioned as well.

I’m still concern left over guy there, seems weak and need police. you know about as well?check with them or other police you know could rely on. let me check again.

need assiat ASAP, I need to check with left over nemo there need your assist if possible. Thats why I check with you if knew.

he seems upset from what I told you mind check with him?I need rest tomorrow morning will have people arrive for dinner gathering. cool?

Amti-spell means all kinds spell k?I called illegal thoughts, reason for illegal the first word. There’s only one thought to me, and I already fired related.come clean ASAP.

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