Consider This

The hint of the century.  Consider THIS:= This country is operating under selective anarchy.  The people who have been in charge because they were superior, supposedly, and were actually just the most brutal, are now acting as though they are not part of the social contract.

Selective Anarchy.  Just like their fucking selective amnesia about where we got all our power and land and wealth.  we fucking took it, under the guise of spreading democracy or the word of some illiterate misogynistic god child.

What makes you think we won’t all rise up and do the same?  What if we all forget why we behave, all at once?  Oh, Karen.  Karen, Karen, Karen.  You are waking up the Sleeping Giant, bitch.

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April 6, 2022

Probably, but I wrote my own religion.  We all are supposed to, I think.  To seek higher, seek inward.