Reason to Hope

Play it again, Sam.  This is what I will have on my Tombstone, except I won’t be buried even if my body is recovered.  It is meat, and I will have been done with it.  No, I will have been many Huckleberrys before I need to be huckleburied.

Never is a long time.  The electron doesn’t understand forever, the electron exists in the spaces surrounding NOW.  What? It is in all the places surrounding NOW that we cannot see, for it is all on the imaginary timeline, these Paths traced by electrons to try out ever line in the curve to find the best one.  I used to do that, and then I thought I knew the best roads, the best lines, the best bikes to ride.

The hermetic texts all say some things in common with all the other religions and all the wild woman knowledge I could glean from my travels:  As above, so below.

But this means that what is below can be sent back up, to rain back down, like embers floating and then falling back to be burned again.  As the heavens, so the soul.  As the body, so the mind.  As the mid, so the body.  As the soul, so the heavens.  All Laws are reciprocal, or else Balance is lost.  This is not good.

This Society has no balance.  Getting by is not living, and we fight for the scraps left over by those who choose to hoard, not share.  They want you to forget that the beginnings of their power were cruelty and slavery and oppression and lies about god gold and glory.  And now they say not me, Lord.  I did nothing.

And I say, that is correct, and you are damned by your own confession that YOU DID NOT ACT.  The Truth is that Life could be fair if you did not accept it as a given that it must not be.  The Lion does not eat more than it needs, and those at the waterhole do not fear a full lion.  Capitalism has filled the coffers of this country, but it just made it fear it would lose what it stole.  So much fear.  There is only one way to lose this much fear, and that is to lose what you fear being taken.  Then when you survive you will see it was all nothing.  Just a dream.  But ion a dream that you could have been kind and were not.  tsk tsk.  It all counted.  I was always watching, like He warned He would do.  I was the lowest of you that He commanded you to observe.  I was the Child.

Maybe it is too late to turn the Titanic, but here is how I do not lose Hope:  The electron KEEPS practicing until the Frame is resolved.  The Universe is not Resolved.  This is just practice.  Learn from your mistakes and record them in the Akashic records so you can do better and go further the next time.  Find the better lines.  And then, keep looking.

And when you find yourself leaned out to far and the tank wants to scrape, and you realize this is not the line you wanted:  RIDE IT OUT.  You got this.  Correcting in a curve can get you killed, but not ever correcting in life can just simply waste it.  Discern when to ride it out, when to dump it and slide.

This is the Way.

To the extent I was wise, I will have prepared.
To the extent I was clever, I will have Laughed.
To the extent I AM, I will have Lived.
For if and only if I am brave will I have Tried.
And if I am very, very lucky, I will have failed many times.

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