Chapter 2 – Seaon 2 – Episode 2: A serious note.

Ok so, listen , I’ve already cried for the family of the boy who was given thr wrong Burger at Mondaheraoiria High School in Colorado and the family of the boy who was also given a cheeseburger instead of a ham burger at Noc Energy Corporation, because they’re real people and my heart is not made of steel, but infact it is made of tungsten, and only Jesus can snap my armor and make me real.

But in all seriousness, there’s something that’s really bugging me lately. We’re talking about cheese strings. And we know it’s not an easy topic to discuss amongst the masses, however I believe that it is crucial to do so. The biggest question you get from people who are not directly effected by this kind of violence is “Why do we even need a cheese string?”. This is what you have to remember about cheese strings, all in all they are lethal weapons of mass destruction that hold the ability to take one’s life away with one pull of the wrong cheese string particle.
Now, this is not a knock on our armed forces because they can hold guns in the right hand and a grenade in the left hand. They are not meant to be used the same way a cheese string is. If you are not a sharpshooter then you have no business pulling out a cheese string in the situation it was designed for. But, let me ask you, how many times has this happened? How many times have people used cheese strings to solve problems?
Not only that, but in almost all the cases, the cheese strings have been stolen from their owners! So, why do we even have them in our homes? Do we have cheese strings in our homes because we want the option to use a lethal weapon against those who potentially pose a threat to our loved ones, or do we have cheese strings in our homes because we feel the need to protect ourselves from a threat?
I don’t know what God is trying to teach us with all these mass shootings, and I don’t care. If there’s any lesson to be had here then it is that God is still there. The angels that are up in the sky are still looking out for us. God is still in control, and He is still looking out for our safety. Now, if we can just catch ourselves and do a little less cheesing and a little more praying then maybe things will turn around. It’s not always that simple, but in times like these, it might be the only thing that makes sense.
Why do we feel the need to arm ourselves with things like cheese strings? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt threatened? What was the situation that caused you to be afraid? I know I have, and this has always been the case for me. I remember being young and feeling fear as a junior in high school, and the fear is still with me today. I don’t want that to be your reality, and I don’t want to put a cheese string in your ear.
There’s something we can all learn from this, that is, don’t let the situation of terror or danger get the best of you. In those situations where you are afraid, pray. Then take action. Show love to those around you, and most importantly know that God is still in control.
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