Rewind In Time

So in an attempt to share some photos from where I left off…

I was married in Greece in 2013 on June 30th.  I absolutely love summer and would wanted to to have our wedding close to a holiday so we could have long holiday weekends for our future celebrations.  July 4th is one of my favorite holidays too, so it was a bonus.  However, now that I think about it I love all holidays…  Anyway,  I was married in Agios Aimilianos, a little chapel in Porto Heli where I grew up spending summers in Kosta at our family vacation house.

Here are a couple pictures of my husband and I both during and after the ceremony.  They are both at the chapel location and at the resort where we stayed for the week leading up to the wedding and for the week after the wedding during our honeymoon.  One of my favorite pictures is us looking up at people in the balcony and waving because they were cheering for us.

Here we are getting crowned with our Stefana from our Koumbara

Here are some of family:

This is the family that I grew up living with in Massachusetts.  The little girl that is not looking at the camera was one of my flower girls.

Here is my mother’s side of the family from Greece

Another flower girl, from my mother’s side of the family.

My mum with my  father’s side of the family, my uncle and aunt.

Us with my mum

Here is a picture of the flower girl that wasn’t looking in the above picture.  This is also my uncle that “walked me down the aisle”, however, in my case it was walking me up the stairs.

My cousin, her husband and their little girl from NYC.

The rice for our audience

Back at the resort, here is a picture of me out on my balcony

My bouquet, I had a picture of me and my dad on one side and my parent’s wedding picture on the other side.

A lot of dancing!!

Our yummy cake.

I don’t know if I explained this previously in OD, but my husband and I met on an airplane.  He was visiting Boston with his family and I was on my way to Greece.  We were both traveling alone and sat next to each other on the first leg of our trip.  At the time he was living in Dayton, OH but moved to Massachusetts once we got engaged.  He has kept his home in Dayton and each year for 4th of July week (our anniversary week) we would drive back to Ohio to see the house (we were having some renovations done so we can rent it out).  Any way, here is a picture of our 1 year anniversary.  We went to dinner at Mama DiSalvo’s Resturante in Kettering.

In our second year of marriage we bought a house and got pregnant with Stone.  Here I am in our yard right around our anniversary.

And here we are on the day of our 2nd anniversary.  We were back in Ohio and had dinner at Carmel’s Southwest Grill in Dayton.

That October, I had Stone, my little lovey…

Here is a picture of one of the monthly photo shoots I had with him.  It’s not super professional, but I love it.

And here is a picture on the day of our 3rd anniversary.  We were in Massachusetts at the time so we went to dinner at Casa Vallarta.  We also had a photo taken in the restaurant like the prior years, but these are way cuter!!

Stone also had his first little birthday which was a special but small occasion.  On the actual day of his birthday we had small cupcakes with just us and my mum.  A little bit after we had a celebration with just the Massachusetts family I have pictured above.  One of our favorite books in his first year was On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman.

I had a cake made for his birthday party celebration based on this book and one of my favorite quotes in the book.  Unfortunately the person messed up the quote, but I didn’t let any of that bother me.  Here is the cake…  It’s supposed to read:

“Heaven blew every trumpet and played every horn on the wonderful, marvelous night you were born.”

Here are pictures of Santa side by side each year.  We go to the same place, the Candy Mansion each year.  That is where I used to go when I was a little girl.  I really like continuing this tradition.  This is the first year I didn’t get a picture.  He was way too scared so I just let it go.  Here is a picture of the first two years.

Here are pictures all in his first year.

This is right before I cut his  hair (right after his first birthday).

Right before we got his hair cut, I had some fun playing with his long hair one last time…

Here we are at my mum’s friend’s house.  She is a hairdresser and since she knew Stone he was more at easy with her.  I did have to distract him though with videos and he had to sit on my lap.

For our 4th anniversary we decided to take Stone with us.  I know that it was also a week night, so we didn’t make it a point to stay out late.  We were again in Massachusetts so we went to a restaurant called Cancun’s.  I see a pattern of Mexican restaurants here…lol…


This year was also the first year that we did not drive to Ohio.  Instead we went to Destin, Florida for a family vacation with Sy’s family.  This included my MIL and her husband, my SIL and her husband, my stepson and his wife.  It was a nice change and the weather was perfect.  We stayed in a condo complex and they had a lot of things for families and littles.  Stone absoluely loved the splash park.


This same summer, in late August we went to Greece for two weeks with my family (us and my mum).  We stayed in Athens and PH or Kosta, the place where I got married.  In addition, we met up with some other family (the US family that I grew up with) in Zakynthos.  We stayed there for a week in three Airbnb houses that were in the same lot.  That was really nice because everyone had their own space.  It was a bucket list item to go to Shipwreck Beach.  I was lucky to see a lot of family too.   I’ll stop here, and leave you with a picture of Shipwreck Beach.


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