What’s the Story Morning Glory?

I think it’s time I update on OD.  Since my last entry it feels like I’ve been in a whirl wind of excitement.  I don’t even know if I’ve even written about this so I guess I’ll start from the beginning??

Flashback to a couple years ago (Memorial Day 2009) I was on my way to Greece for a cousin’s wedding.  During my first flight from Boston to Newark I sat down next to this gentleman who was vacationing in Boston.  Right away he started up a conversation with me.  We spoke the entire flight (which I believe was probably only 45 minutes) and after the flight we both had a layover for a couple of hours so we decided to get some coffee and sit outside.  While we were leaving we decided to exchange emails.  The emails turned into phone conversations, and the phone calls turned into a meeting (in Chicago).  It was one of the most exciting and daring things I’ve ever done.  From there we started a long distance relationship.  We would alternate flying to eachother’s home towns every month for a long weekend.  Sy is from Dayton, OH and I live in MA. 

Fast forward to winter of 2009 when my dad past away…I was heartbroken…

Sy was the best support I had.  My mum was very sad and I was spending as much time as I could with her.  For the next two years I was the rock for my mum and Sy was the rock for me.  Our relationship had blossomed, but we still were only seeing each other once a month for a long weekend.  We had planned several vacations together, like Miami, Florida (to visit some family and friends of mine that live there) and Abbeville, Louisianna (where he is originally from and where his brother and dad live) and Birmingham, Alabama (where his sister and mom live).

Fast forward to my last entry…Winter of 2011.  Sy was coming to visit for a week between Chrismas and New Year’s.  Once I picked him up from the airport he shared some exciting news that he finally found renters for his home.  We’ve been trying to figure out how he could move here to take our relationship to the next level and we were working out the logistics of selling/renting his home in Dayton.  We spent a wonderful week together and with family.  On the morning of New Year’s Eve he proposed!   We spent the rest of the day celebrating with friends and family and then on he left to start the moving process from Ohio to Mass.

At the end of the month I flew to Dayton to help him with last minute packing and to pack up his life and car and drove back to Massachusetts.  Since then my life has been taking care of family, being a workaholic, spending time with my fiance, wedding planning, not to mention parties, friends having babies, etc.  Our social lives have been hectic and I feel like I need some down time.  I’ve been traveling a lot for work.  Not to mention that in a couple weeks I leave for Chicago (work), home for a couple days, then Greece for two weeks (play), home one day then fly to Dallas (work).  There is a possibility that I may have to go to Carbondale, PA for that next week but I’m trying to not go.  Carbondale is where our sister plant is and we will be doing open enrollment meetings for them.  I think the HR Manager there is going to cover it though.

Currently this weekend I need to wedding plan!  We are getting married on June 30, 2013!…In Greece!!!  I also have tons of shopping to do for the trip; presents for family and friends that help us out with mail, bills, etc. while we aren’t there.  I also will be going to visit my aunt that has been sick for a while.  I’ll probably go both today and tomorrow.  She is in hospice right now, so being with her is very important.  Life is crazy…a bit too crazy for me at times.  Information on our wedding destination and details are on this link below.  It is still under construction, but it’s almost done.  I plan on getting more information while vacationing in a couple weeks. 


Here’s a picture of us the day we were engaged.



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October 6, 2012

Yay!!!! Congrats!!!

October 7, 2012

Wow! What an update! Congratulations!

Congrats! What a beautiful and amazing story and time in your life! Ashley