At last, my mouth opens, and words spew forth






We found eachother, and almost slid past,

Fengers flew across keys, voice clips sent, pictures captured ,messages recevied

And thus. It began.


The door is shut, and were staring at each other again with who knows what words tremble upon our lips. The tv chatters in the background with its flickering shades of blue to serve as our ghost light. You gently graze my ribcage and i giggle and squirm away,  your hand follows my flesh., softly a sigh escapes my lips of contentment. You smile your wicked little smile and suddenly we are facing eachother on our sides.i reach up and ever so slowly caress the side of your face, leaning into you for a kiss, gentle and tender, then hungry and hard. god i love both those kisses more i say to you as you back up and shake your head no, just a little. your hands are on my clothing, teasing and tugging them up and out till you can take it all off. I watch you with hunger mad eyes waiting…. for whats next. please your teeth I shout in my head, and of course because you are who you are you hear me if i was whispering into your ear.You start to slither down the  bed, and I sit up and kiss you wildly. Staying there oh my elbows, knowing what comes next, but i cant believe that finally we we got here. we took our time. and i think that’s beautiful. i watch you you grin and tell me to bare the rest. As I do, my hand flys down to cover myself. You shake your head at me and remove my hand. You gaze my innermost flower, touching soft velvet flesh. But soft isnt good for any of us. you come up between my thighs watching my face as i suck on the bottom of my lip and watch you, we come together in soft touches and tickles until thats not good enough, and I feel the caress of your teeth on me. Nibbling, biting, licking, teething, sucking my moon like flesh through your teeth… i sigh and moan into my hands and pillow and squirm. you grab one of my hands and exert just enough pressure  to have someone else on the edge join the fray as she tests how committed you are to stopping me if you really will keep ahold of her. our other hand reaches down over your shoulder and lay scratches across your back like bloody little flags, my other wrist captured safely in your hand, I reach and gently caress you with my fingertips.

the room is  so hot and sweaty, you have me wrapped around your middle, small spots of sweat starting to shine on my skin. you let go of my hands and grab my thighs, spreading them more and more a part, till you can see my center running sweet and wet. My head is under the pillow once more. i can hear your throaty giggle and your hands apply their strenth and let me know that Im not going anywhere. i wiggle a bit. then, oh, then, your fingers. your fingers dance across my lil honey pot, and I shiver, wanting to scream but not.  you lay there nestled between my legs, feeling around inside me, makimg me shudder and cry out and clench  and dance around you until you finally, finally get hungry and I am on the menu.  You work my body like you have known how to touch me, have had the internal map to  it for my every life. make my eyes roll up back in my head, unable to stay still, and doesnt want to, unable to make a sound. I feel your teeth graze my cherry, biting and chewing,, pressing my folds apart to dip inside of me and omg dont stop, dont you ever stop. And then with a twist of my hips, a flick of these pale hands and ou best twisted smile comes bubbling up. And now, I am on you.

I’ll write part two Saturday or Sunday my little mouse



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July 6, 2019

Whew…I need to go take a cold shower now!!!