Drug abuse

Drug users make a choice. They choose to take the drugs, so it’s their fault they are addicted. It’s their fault they are homeless and have no one around there for them.


Some drug users if not ALL, struggle with some sort of health condition. Physical or Mental. Ever ask someone why they use? Doctors prescribed medication that took the pain away and now they are addicted. They suffer from mental disorders and now numb the pain. I will ALWAYS disagree that drug abusers don’t just ‘choose’ to loose everything they have to get high. Next time you look at the man/woman all fucked up walking down the street and say ‘loser, pathetic’ think about how that SOMEONE is SOMEONES LOVED ONE. I go out of my way to help these individuals because guess what? I WAS ONE OF THEM. I now have proper medications to help me and got the help i needed. I was 1 of those who survived. Many of my friends did not, also big FUCK YOU to our healthcare system and not offering the help needed for these people. You’d be surprised how many aren’t just ‘not getting help’ WE DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START. So many judgmental people in this world, stop being so cold. Also, idgaf about your input 🙂

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