Mind over Body

Getting up in the morning these days is always uncomfortable. Not that I am in a lot of pain, just stiff and wobbly.  Adding almost 20 lbs during the pandemic has not helped. Food has always been a pacifier for me. I remind myself I will feel better after I sit in the recliner for a couple of hours and have those three cups of coffee. In spite of the rough start, I do like mornings.

During the day my goals are simple – move every hour, drink water and don’t overeat. I wear a Fitbit to remind me to move. I keep bottles of water near my work desk. I buy healthy food. But somehow the day gets away from me and at the end I have not met these simple goals.

My mind is as busy as it ever was, but my body is lagging way behind. Mind should be able to rule over body I say.

I am finally getting my Bluetooth headphones to work with all but the desktop computer which was what I originally bought them for. I have to admit, it is a big help to have voice chat in Final Fantasy 14.  Today a splitter arrives so hopefully that will take care of the issue with the desktop. Tonight my Discord group is joining me to help me get through the Limitless Blue. I amazes me that young people actually want to help me.

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October 10, 2020

Getting up in the early afternoon is my routine after staying up all night and going on to bed at 6 or 7 am.  It’s works nicely because the middle of the night is the time when quiet and a brief period of sanity reigns, and  most people are asleep except me!  🙂 except me. 🙂

I’ve gradually lost most of my taste and smell so overeating comfort food is not a worry and I’m trying to become vegan.   The quarantining of the pandemic is helping me achieve a number of my goals.